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Dec 27, 2009 04:29 PM

Digitized Old Cook Books available online at Archive.Org

I just discovered many old cook books are digitized and available for reading online or downloading in PDF format for free at Archive.Org. Here's a link to a listing of the cook books:

Example of one of the cook books:

Gold Medal Flour Cook Book 1910

Link to read the Gold Medal Flour Cook Book 1910 online:

Direct PDF link to the Gold Medal Flour Cook Book 1910 (13 MB). You need the free program, Adobe Acrobat Reader, to view this file.

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  1. wow, thanks for this information. i am always in search of the oldie but goodie recipes. maybe i could get an ebook for my birthday? do they have ones you can prop up in the kitchen?

    peace, jill

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    1. re: jill kibler

      The two most popular ebooks are the Kindle (Amazon) and the Nook (Barnes & Noble). Both have stands you can purchase separately:

      and both are ridiculously priced at $259.

      For about the same price you can get a netbook with a larger, more legible color screen that will allow you to not only view recipes, but edit/access them 'live' via a wireless network. Next to a netbook (or laptop) an ebook reader is pretty much the electronic equivalent of a glorified calculator.

      1. re: jill kibler

        This is very cool....thanks Antilope.

      2. I found some virus warnings with some of these files. Be careful ...

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        1. re: todao

          Which files? Sometimes virus scanning software can give false positives. I'm using the McAfee anti-virus software and have received no warnings. This is Archive.Org. I'm sure they would be interested if you have found infected files on their website.

          1. re: Antilope

            Sorry Antilope, looks like I had that site and another running simultaneously and it was the other site that set off the alarm when I was searching for Fanny Farmer publications.
            Find no problems with the Archive.Org stuff.
            I'd like to amend that previous post but the Chowhound system won't let me edit it.

          2. re: todao

            I love! I know them for film/video, thanks very much for pointing out the old cookbooks. Never had virus problems btw.