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Dec 27, 2009 04:05 PM

"Sweet butter"

For Christmas breakfast I made egg nog French Toast and tried to make fresh whipped cream. The heavy cream I bought was not homogenized (the best kind of dairy products) but that may have been a mistake to try to work with this. I whipped it for less than a minute and it turned instantly into butter....which I had added sugar to already, of course. It was delicious on the French toast, but what else can I use this for? I am thinking of adding cocoa or vanilla and making a buttercream frosting for cupcakes, but after Christmas, we are kind of on sugar detox...any other ideas?

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  1. I immediately thought of cinnamon toast...or any kind of sticky bun.... pancakes, waffles and the like.

    1. I wonder if it would freeze - I don't see why not because you can freeze butter. Then you can make a frosting when you are off your no sugar diet.