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Dec 27, 2009 04:01 PM

Alter recipes for stand mixer?

I have been lurking on chowhound for a while, and finally have something worth posting (I hope). My awesome husband got me a kitchenaid stand mixer for Christmas, and I can't find any info on if I need to alter my recipes for it. I mostly just bake cookies and started baking cupcakes a while back too...I am planning on baking cookies tomorrow (I have worked every day since Christmas, but am off tomorrow! Woo hoo!) and want to go into this fully prepared. When I started using a hand mixer, there didn't seem to be any issues (going from wooden spoon to mixer), but just want to make sure. I am especially concerned about when I go to make cakes and cupcakes.

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  1. No need to alter recipes for your KA as far as amounts/ ingredients. You may have to adjust times eg. knead for ten minutes by hand = knead for 5-6 min. in the KA. I will never make choco-chip cookies by hand now that I have a KA. Wait till you try the meat grinder and pasta roller attachments!!! Homemade ravioili or cannelonis filled with your own fresh ground beef or sausage! Merry Xmas... adam
    P.S. Don't forget, you're dealing with a powerful motor, so don't overmix your batter once you've added flour or you'll develop too much gluten, also add the flour on LOW speed or you'll be looking like Casper!!! Happy cooking...a

    1. My daughter gave me a Kitchen Aid last Christmas...I love it but I've probably just used it a handful of times in the year since just because I don't have room on my counter to leave it out and it's stored in it's box on top of the fridge. Easier to just pull out my hand mixer. But, I just use the mixer just like any other one and don't make adjustments...I've never had a problem..Enjoy your mixer!

      1. So many recently published baking books assume you're using a stand mixer that they don't even give instructions for using a hand mixer. You might consider taking a quick trip to the library and looking for Carole Walters's "Great Cookies," Dorie Greenspan's "Baking: From My Home to Yours," Rose Levy Berenbaum's "Christmas Cookies," Kate Zuckerman's "The Sweet Life." All of these have outstanding recipes specifically geared for a stand mixer that should make you and your new Christmas present very, very happy.