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Dec 27, 2009 03:58 PM

DTW: Faygo Sparkling Water?

Anyone know where I can buy Faygo's sparkling waters?

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  1. Are you referring to their tonic, diet tonic, and club soda? Or are you referring to different products?

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    1. re: boagman

      I believe Faygo does make several flavors of sparkling waters - raspberry, lemon-lime, etc. Have you checked Meijers? Thought I'd seen them there.

      1. re: gooddog

        Yes, their (very) lightly flavored water. I remember: Lemon-Lime, Cherry, Raspberry
        & Orange.

        I haven't seen it in years and assumed that Faygo sunset it ... but family from Grand
        Rapids arrived for the holiday with a bottle of lemon-lime, purchased at Meijers. I've
        looked there before, and not found it. So I stopped at Meijers (Waterford) yesterday;
        no joy.

        1. re: rainsux

          Don't look in the pop aisle, rainsux. Meijer in RO has it by the bottled water.

          I've also seen this at Kroger, Hillers, Holiday in RO

    2. It's available at most Meijer stores in Michigan, but as mentioned, it's in the bottled water aisle, not with the pop. You may also need to let your store manager know that you're buying it frequently and what flavor(s) you prefer. It comes in:

      Mandarin Orange

      I'm a huge fan of the Cherry (the Raspberry tastes chalky to me) and the ordering manager for my Meijer doesn't like Cherry and only orders the other flavors. I had to go over his head to the Store Director (a neighbor, actually) to get what wanted. Of course, I also buy 12 bottles a week...

      1. Saw it today at a VG's market, in the water aisle.

        1. I know the Meijers in Dayton, Ohio carries them because I buy them :-) They are located near the end shelf of the soda aisle, the Meijer brand sparkling water is also very tasty.

          1. I certainly do! My husband and son have been drinking it for too, ocassionally...we buy it at any s.e. michigan Meijer store in the bottled water isle...small bottles, variety of flavors, or any Kroger in Mich or Indianna also in the bottled water isle, but not located by 'plain' bottled water...they only have the 2-liter plain variety...but you can special order it and prepay for the flavors. Hope this helps you!