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Dec 27, 2009 03:40 PM

Birthday Dinner Suggestions for Portland

I need help selecting a restaurant for a birthday dinner next Saturday. So many good choices in Portland that it's tough to choose one - I'll take any suggestions. Thank you!

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  1. What ambience/vibe are you looking for? Cuisine preferences? Size of group (private room)? City only or other nearby? Etc.

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      Sorry, I should have provided more information. Just three of us so no need for a private room. Not picky about cuisine, we'll all east just about anything as long as it's good. Ambience/vibe are not as important as food. We're foodies but not food snobs, we're just as happy in a diner as we are in Fore Street. I guess one thing that would be important would be that we don't feel rushed, i.e. appetizers, dinner, get out. Anything in greater Portland (lets make Brunswick the northern limit and Ogunquit the southern limit) is fine. We're from here so we're familar with the restaurants it's just so hard to choose. I'm hoping someone out there can help me decide. I love Fore Street, the Front Room, Hugo's, Blue Spoon. many choices!

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        My favorite dinner spot in Portland in Street and Co. Their scallops have ruined the dish for my bf whereever else we go, and I had an incredible piece of salmon there.
        I have to say- the last time we were up in Portland I made a point of dining at Fore Street based on the reviews that I read here. I was incredibly disappointed. I never use salt in restaurants- but my steak was so bland that I actually tried to enhance it. Our starter of mussels were good, but nothing special, the rest of the meal was about the same. That said- I loved the ambiance inside- esp with the snow swirling outside :-)

    2. Our favorite restaurant which meets your criteria nicely is Caiola's. Just great food served in a warm atmosphere.

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        We are dying to try Caiolas, but we often only have Staurday night free in Portland when we are there, and find it impossible to not go to Hugo's, our favorite restaurant in New England (we live in Boston, but love Hugo's more than any place here, with Craigie on Main in Cambridge a close second). I just wish Portland restaurants were open on Sundays, as we sometimes get to stay until Monday, but Caiola's is only open for brunch, and Hugo's is closed as well. Oh well, I guess we'll just need to stay a few more nights next time so we can try Caiola's and some of the other places we'd like to try, like Evangeline and Bresca.