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Dec 27, 2009 03:39 PM

Lunch spots in the Quarter?

We are heading down for the Sugar Bowl and will need a late lunch spot in the Quarter on Friday (ie, after the 2:00 cut-off that a lot of places seem to have). We will also need a brunch or lunch spot on Saturday. NOLA and Mr. B's have always been favorites, but I haven't been in a while so I'd appreciate any thoughts as to whether they are still as good as I remember them being! Thanks!

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  1. ACME Oyster House is the best casual dining spot in the Quarter. I think its on Iberville. Have the roast beef po' boy dressed, or the red beans and rice. And a half dozen oysters.

    1. check out the Rib Room to see how late they serve.
      Galatoire's serves throughout the day, but check to too see if they are open that day.
      also see if Napoleon House serves past 2pm.
      if it is a pretty day, you could sit on the balcony of Crescent City Brewhouse.
      Mr. B's is my go to for gumbo ya-ya, grilled fish, bbq shrimp, and even a good burger.
      if you want some Mexican, head to Felipe's on N. Peters.
      NOLA is not on my hit list; it;s been too long and last times were not memorable. That could all have changed, but too many other places are on my radar.

      1. Galatoire's; Check Le Meritage for their hours.
        If you're willing to venture out of the Quarter but nearby, Luke is open in the afternoon. Domenica, too, I think