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Dec 27, 2009 03:11 PM

Where to buy good grits in NW WA?

Hi -- I live in Canada (Gulf Islands, off the BC coast) but shop in Bellingham regularly. Can't find stoneground (or other better-than-instant) grits, which I love. Can anyone tell me where to buy them? Also looking for blue corn meal (I grew up in New Mexico) -- can't find it anywhere!

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Having gone on my own grits odyssey a while back, I concluded that stoneground grits are unavailable in this neck of the woods (someone please prove me wrong). I order mine online; with shipping this makes for expensive grits, but worth it IMO. Here's my list of fine southern grist mills, my go-to source is Logan Turnpike.

    1. Anson Mills makes good grits and does internet sales, but Foster and Dobbs, a cheese shop here in Portland, sells it...perhaps if you contact them, they can tell you where else they might ship it in the PNW:

      Our local here in Portland, is Bob's Red Mill, but I do not know if they stone grind their grits, you will have to ask:

      Bob's Red Mill makes/sells blue corn meal, too. If you find a place up there that sells their stuff, you can always ask them to order the blue cornmeal next time they order.

      Both the Community Food Co-op and Terra Organica carry Bob's Red Mill products according to their site, and that would have been my first suggestion, find a food co-op.

      Happy New Year and good luck in your quest sun lover!

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        Many groceries in western Washington have a rack with Bob's Red Mill products (at least the most popular ones). Check their website to see if any fit your criteria. They have corn meal in various grinds, though I don't think any meet the grit standards of Anson Mills.

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          Yes, I think I saw that the Haggen chain carries BRM products....

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            In my local Top (part of Haggen), BRM is in the 'natural foods' section near the cash registers.

      2. Thanks lots! Your replies are much appreciated.