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Dec 27, 2009 03:09 PM

Where to buy diabetes-friendly snacks in Vancouver?

Being that it's the holiday season and there are always tons of sweet treats around, I always feel bad for my grandmother who is subjected to the platters of temptation but can't really indulge because of her diabetes. I thought maybe I could pick up some treats for her that are 'diabetes-friendly' but am not really sure where to start. Any suggestions for good snacks and where to buy them? Thanks!

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  1. Purdy's carries a lot of sugar-free chocolates. That's what we always got for my grandma around the holidays.

    1. I've seen a small selection at the Gourmet Warehouse on Hastings by Clark.

      1. I'm not in Vancouver but as a diabetic and a nurse I would suggest nuts or cheese. Not everyone tolerates sugar substitutes. That said, I have seen diabetic candy at Walmart and in pharmacies.

        1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I usually do get my grandmother nuts... but I know she really likes cookies also. She's not such a big fan of chocolate, it turns out (my cousin bought her some of the Purdy's chocolate... good to know about Purdy's as a potential source though!). I think I'll check out Gourmet Warehouse too to see what they have.

          1. Another idea is to buy her the Diabetes For Dummies book. There is one specifically for Canadians (we use different lab units). The story about the man who mistakenly thought he couldn't have cake is particularly interesting as my doctor's advice that I could have the occasional sweet echoes that of the authors.