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Dec 27, 2009 02:47 PM

What food gifts do you bring when you travel?

Well, I'm sitting here waiting for the boarding call. I got to thinking what foods people bring as presents when they travel?
This trip to London is just a chance to touch base with family and friends and to eat. I have a case of Quebec Maple Syrup (No. 2 Medium), a couple of briskets of Montreal Smoked Meat from Schwartz's, beef jerky, a mixed case of beer from Unibroue and last but not least a bottle of Crown Royal XR.

What do you bring?

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  1. Depends on who I am Dad in Michigan loves Vermont or NY maple syrup, my brother-in law in FL likes the apples from upstate NY; and mostly everyone gets my homemade strawberry, blueberry or raspberry jam.

    1. It depends on who it is...some of my people are not foodies or as food obsessed as I am. I love to take spices/seasoning blends which I like to make myself, liquors, regional produce & fish/seafood as I'm near the coast....Have a great trip!

      1. i usually try to bring something local to my area that isn't so easy to find in the place that i'm traveling to. when i lived in boston, i brought some east coast beers to my friend in washington. another time i was visiting texas and brought back to boston 2 chicken fried steaks and a few pounds of brisket for my sister and me. when visiting montreal, i would get bagels and chloe chocolate bars - i guess that was more of a food gift to bring back home though. now that i live in san francisco, i bring boxes of see's candies (more out of nostalgia than gourmet-ness) or bags of locally roasted coffee to my siblings on the east coast. it also depends if i'm checking luggage or not (so i can smuggle wine out of sf or shiner beer out of texas!).

        1. lol...olive oil and foie gras...I don't know why but we buy olive oil everywhere. I travel with large ziplock bags for that very purpose.

          1. Wha I bring depends on who I am seeing and how I am traveling. I hate the new airline rule about no liquids on carry-on!

            Recently made a quick trip to Ottawa - very quick. We brought duck confit (in a jar with lots of lovely duck fat, the only way to buy duck confit), 2 bottles of wine,Some Quebecois beer, steel-cut oatmeal, Quebecois cheeses, and Christmas baking. I also love bringing bagels and smoked meat. Yummy chocolate and caramel au fleur de sel products - spreads, desserts, chocolates. Beautiful boxes of chocolates, fresh croissant if we think they can be consumed immediately, a selection of raw milk cheeses for our friends in places where the cheese comes wrapped in plastic, devoid of flavour.

            When we travel, a significant part of our luggage is related to food. I spend a lot of time carting food product around.