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Dec 27, 2009 02:29 PM

best brekkie in melbourne?

new yorker looking for a delicious brekkie in melb. tried to go to MART this morning but it's closed!!

to give you an idea of what we like, we just came from sydney where we love BILL's and their emphasis on fresh ingredients.

any reccos appreciated!

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  1. Most stuff is closed but may get better for the rest of the week. Try Cumulus ( a safe answer for any Melbourne question at the moment)

    1. Cumulus, Inc on Flinders Lane should be a safe bet. The coffee is good and while I haven't had breakfast there, the lunch I had was very good so I expect breakfast to be up there too.

      1. I discovered this blog:

        Which is very consistent with my own diagnosis of all of the places I have been to.

        I love Mr. Tulk at the library and the atmosphere of brekkie on Degraves Street.

        1. I would have to agree that Bill's in Sydney is incredible for breakfast. The ricotta hotcakes and corncakes are divine. But I don't understand the fuss with Cumulus Inc. I have been there three times for dinner and breakfast. My experience is poor service, small portions and food that is high on concept and low on taste. I went for dinner with 8 friends, we spent $1,600 and the waiters couldn't even be bothered to pour our wine or say good-bye when we were leaving. When we asked for water, they pointed to the jug at the bar. The restaurant was not busy!

          I would suggest Mitta in Nth Fitzroy, great coffee, delicious food, and consistent friendly service. Babka on Brunswick St has amazing Boston Beans, Bircher Muesli and pastries to die for. For coffee you can't go past, Atomica in Fitzroy and North Island in North Fitzroy.

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            Since we are on coffee (and the OP's Melbourne visit has well and truly been and gone) - I have had some of the best coffee in my life at Atomica. Unfortunately, I have had many more abysmal ones with plenty of shoulder chip from the 'too cool to be bothered serving you' waitstaff.

            If you want coffee in Melbourne, you go to Seven Seeds. It is so far ahead of the competition it isn't funny. If you're in Fitz or North Fitz, then Atomica and North Island are fine - but I wouldn't make a trip. (Except to buy Atomica beans).

            1. re: mr_gimlet

              If you are in Fitz you can always take the short walk to Carlton Espresso. I think their coffee is a "forgotten" aspect now that they do so much more. Babka is good for pastries but the coffee is always useless!

              As for Cumulus, I am sad to hear you had such a disappointing visit. I have eaten there many times and always had great service and food.

          2. Gotta get to Birdman Eating on Gertrude St. We were fans of Bills years ago during our first trip to Sydney, but love this place more after spending time in Melbourne last year. Great coffee, too. And tons of other places within a block for food later in the day -- Lladro (pizza and Italian eats), Anada (great Spanish), etc.