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Dec 27, 2009 02:13 PM

Grist Mill - Farmington, CT.

Upon entering this unique restaurant, we learned that it used to be a flour mill hundreds of years ago. A drink at the bar and then we met our party for dinner. A nice rustic environment and a seat next to the rambling stream. Not many diners, but it was a holiday weekend. A nice bottle of Amarone to start off with and then the food. Appetizers were the shrimp cocktail, the duck pate and 2 salads. All were very tasty. Main courses were the salmon with buerre blanc (which I substituted with the salsa from another dish), the osso buco, the "carpetbagger" and the scallops. All the courses were a very nice size and food was good not great. All in all a nice evening, but not running back since it was a bit out of the way for us.

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  1. We loved this place for a little while.

    The nasty hostess/manager yelling at the staff turned us off, but we came back.

    The nasty hostess/manager yelling at a customer *really* turned us off, but, like idiots, we went back yet again...

    The last straw was a meal with a very important guest that was all wrong. Half-shell oysters that smelled. We knew we shouldn't have eaten the replacement plate of oysters... but we did. And paid for it with a day of extreme gastric distress.

    On that same visit, having returned the oysters, we felt a little self-conscious about returning a steak special that was charred (unpleasantly so) on the outside. But it was black on the outside and grey on the inside (and had been ordered medium-rare). The blackened beef was brought back to our table and we were told that "that is the way the dish is prepared."

    Never again.

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      Wow....what an experience. Not good, I would say. I do not think the food is on par of what it should be at all, but they don't have a great chef.

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        If the Grist Mill could really embrace how special their setting is and rise to the occasion, they'd become another Cobb's Mill Inn. I only regret that I'm now so far away from that lovely Weston, Connecticut restaurant.

        Cobb's Mill Inn
        Weston Rd, Weston, CT 06883