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Dec 27, 2009 01:23 PM

Exotic Food Trucks

Other than the Kogi Truck, what are they? Where are they? what do they serve? are they any good? I'm particularly interested in fusion-type trucks, like Kogi, but would love to know about anything else that's special or good.


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  1. There are tons.

    Grilled Cheese trucks.
    Waffle trucks.
    Pastrami trucks.

    Go here:


        Here's a recent list I found in the L.A. Times which lists many of the fancier food trucks.

        Of the multitude of fancier food trucks, I've only tried Kogi (which I liked their tacos but didn't think it was worth the hour long wait).

        To find most of these trucks, you'll need to find their website, Facebook, or link up via Twitter.

        1. I tried the Kogi truck shortly after the craze started. After waiting 45 minutes for my taco and burrito I was not impressed. It was ok but not worth the hype. I Liked the Border grill truck but tacos are $3 and you need 3 or 4 to be full and that is expensive. I can get good tacos elsewhere for $1.25 each. The burger that I had at the Green Truck was good but not real special. I enjoyed the BBQ beef sandwich from Barbie's Q and will go back when they are in my area. My favorite so far is the South Philly Truck. The steak is good and they bring in rolls from Philly. is the best way to follow them. The site posts the twitter pages from most of the LA trucks in one place.

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