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Dec 27, 2009 12:55 PM

Cabell's American Grill in Tallahassee

Okay, so it was the Sunday after Christmas, but yet the place was not packed at brunch. Yet the kitchen seemed flummoxed by some simple orders. Start with my omelet: bacon, cheese, tomatoes, peppers and onions. It arrived with eggs cooked to a fare thee well and tons of peppers and onions and tomatoes, but no bacon and cheese. I asked for a fresh omelet with those ingredients and it was okay. Hash browns were like little fried grease nuggets. The promised bread with the omelet came only after prodding, and it was dry toast. No butter, no jelly, and none of either on the table. Fried green tomato BLT had tomatoes sliced so thin you could read through them and the bread was stale.

Why is it so difficult for a restaurant in Tallahassee to do simple things well?

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  1. I ate there recently and was disappointed as well.

    In answer to your question about having simple things done well...I think it comes down to the individual and what they value. At my company covered dish Christmas party most of my co-workers went for pies the size of truck tires from a surplus store. I would rather spend some time and put forth a little effort to provide something "good."