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Dec 27, 2009 12:55 PM

New Year's Eve

I'm looking for a place for a party of 6 to go on New Year's Eve. It can be either on the Mainline or Center City, but needs to accessible to public transportation. Also, I'd like something affordable, but nice. We are college friends, but don't want to go to a place like we would have in college. Also, no Asian or Mexican or all seafood, but American, Italian or french would be great. No Boybs. It would be best if the restaurant takes reservations! Any suggestions!!!!

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  1. Your parameters are pretty broad. This should help you narrow it down:

    If you have questions about particular places shout 'em out.

    1. I am not sure what you would consider affordable.

      We just got this in the email from Valanni:
      There is a choice of times and prices. It is on Spruce St between 12th and 13th, close enough to Broad St. and the subway or buses.

      Last year we had a very lovely dinner at Branzino, 17th St. just north of Spruce. We were able to order from the regular menu, so it wasn't terribly expensive. I don't know what their policy is this year, or how late you want to be there.

      You can check Open Table also; that might be helpful.

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        A friend found a restaurant called Paradigm in Cneter City. Has anyone ever been? What did you think?

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          It is better known as a club than a restaurant. Probably a good place to party if you like that kind of scene but I would avoid if quality chow is your main concern. There are plenty of good restaurants serving nice meals for NYE.

          How much do you want to spend per person?

          1. re: 4katiedid

            Paradigm is for drinking, not eating.