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Chowhound Friendly Food Tours

Any recs? Are they a thing to do in your city or more on the cheesy side? We come to SF every few years and want to try something new -- Thanks all!

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  1. There's a tour of North Beach called Tapas Walk hosted by Keven Hogan, who's the wine guy at Spanish Table in Berkeley. I found out about it only because I saw him with his group at a bar:


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      This looked great, Robert, you're a wonderful source but alas they haven't been in production since the end of October.

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        I guess he does them only during Daylight Savings Time.

      1. GraceAnn Walden leads tours of North Beach, Chinatown, and the Mission. Some reports:


        http://www.graceannwalden.net is currently offline, but you could contact her at gaw@sbcglobal.net.

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          Thanks. Most look dark this week which I don't get. Man, if I was in the service industry, you can be sure, I would WORK when people are on holiday and go on holiday another time. Seems that SF can use a real good Culinary Tour for real foodies. The closest to what I was looking for was the tapas one, but that's been closed for months. Sigh! But thanks all!

        2. Anyone been on a good food tour lately? Most of the above don't seem to be available in November.

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            I think it might be seasonal. While SF and NorCal doesn't have 4 seasons, November is when rainy season begins and people flake with rain. Just a guess...a tour that takes a deposit might be better.

            Also there's Wok Wiz that does a Chinatown tour. I've never been but it gets good reviews. Might be too basic but they'll customize things according to the website. http://www.wokwiz.com/

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              I've done the Wok Wiz tour and it's great. Tons of culture and history. I've recommended it to everyone who mentions they're going to SF