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Dec 27, 2009 12:38 PM

Knife sharpening - downtown

I acknowledge that I am not a *real* foodie until I can do this myself, but, I give up. I just have no innate feel for the tempering of metal. Didn't have it in Grade 9 metal shop class, don't have it now with a whetstone. It is what it is...

That said, any good recco's for where to bring my knives...?

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I finally went and bought a Waring Pro brand electric knife sharpener. Paid around $100. I am a bit of a knife snob and got fed up with trying to sharpen myself.

        Best thing I ever did. I get great edges on all my knives. It does leave some small scuffing on the blade but that doesn't bother me.

        Really happy with it. I'm now also responsible for keeping my friends and family in sharp knives...

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        1. re: AndyAndy

          Knife on Queen has a basic workshop on how to use whet stones.Eugine(the owner) is great.Japanese steel is the best and sharpening your own knives is very satisfying once you get the hang of it.He also has an unbelievable selection of fine Japanese knives.

          1. re: petek

            I had my Japanese knives sharped here and he did an AMAZING job, even my chef bf was impressed! I had three knives sharpened for about $35.

            1. re: petek

              Got our knives done here too. Was very happy with the service. The owner is a really nice guy and answered all of our questions.

              1. re: petek

                Yea,sorry.I forgot to mention he also does a great job sharpening Japanese knives.