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Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes

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Had some leftover buttermilk so I decided to make some pancakes ..... Alton Brown had a good looking / reading recipe but I went with one from Allrecipes that was a bit simpler but still sounded good. These were so fluffy and light ....... perfect for covering with Vermont maple syrup and butter!


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  1. If you want them even fluffier, try separating the egg, whipping the egg white until firm but not dry, and folding it gently into the batter. This is a little more work but it makes the most amazingly light pancakes.

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      I made a very small batch to use up 1/2 Cup of buttermilk - so I just used a fork to froth the 1/2 egg. Next time I'll try the egg white - whipped until firm and see if the results warrant the extra work. Thanks.