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Dec 27, 2009 12:25 PM

Best Hoagie on the Main Line?

Hey folks,

Subject says it all. I've seen threads for the best pizza and sushi etc but not for the big one. Does everyone just go to center city for their hoagie fix?

I live in Wynnewood and work in Villanova so anywhere in between would be perfect but I'm willing to drive out a little bit. I know Dakota Pizza is pretty good, Ithan Market is fine, I keep meaning to try Antonella's.

Which place has the freshest rolls and ingredients? Many thanks for your suggestions and opinions.

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  1. Used to live in Wynnewood. My vote goes to Carlino`s

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    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

      Wow Carlino's looks amazing!! I love the idea of someplace that bakes their own bread and pasta. But they're only open from 9-6 and I'm at work from 9 to 6! I wish they'd open an hour earlier. Anyway, thank you, it's definitely on my list.

      The title of this thread may be misleading, I'm just looking for hoagie suggestions, I don't mind if it's not the best hoagie on the planet. I'd just like to get something fresh for lunch or on a lazy weekend.

      1. re: AgentRed

        I definitely have to vote for Carlino's as well.

        My cousin doesn't think it qualifies as a real Italian hoagie. I think it does, but either way it's a really good sandwich.

    2. My kids used to go an Italian deli on the corner of W Wynnewwod Road and County Line Road for many years, try that, sorry forgot name.

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        The Italian deli at Wynnewood & County Line is J&Gs. They have good hoagies!!

          1. re: Delucacheesemonger

            Hmm, I've never even seen J&G;s, will check it out on googlemaps, thank you! Aiming to hit Carlino's tomorrow...

      2. The Primo's in Ardmore is pretty good.

        1. J&G is our go-to place when we get hoagies for the Phillies games. We often just order "turkey" and then when i pick it up--wish i had looked at all their special combinations --like the "Frank Sinatra hoagies." Their hoagies are great!!

          1. I really miss Lee's Hoagie House, they were the BEST! We get hoagies from Boston Style at Merion, but you could try the location on Manoa Rd. Bread is good, meats are always very fresh.

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            1. re: rocknroll52

              Still a Lee`s on Rock Hill Road, not Wynnewood, but close.