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Dec 27, 2009 12:15 PM

israeli couscous in winnipeg?

i have been looking without success, which is somewhat surprising because wpg has a jewish community and an ok food scene....can anyone help? Thanks. Tim.

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  1. I am not from Winnipeg but go there often on business. I posted a review of Mise a while back and I believe the attached store (you walk trough the store to get to the dining room) has Israeli Couscous.

    1. I've never looked specifically for Israeli couscous but here are some specialty stores that may sell it. Try calling them.
      - la Grotta on 1360 Taylor Avenue (204) 982-9461
      - Stephen & Andrews on 384 Academy Road (204) 487-7300

      1. You can also try Desserts Plus on Corydon (close to Kenaston than to Stafford). They have a relatively large selection of imported foods from Israel, and other kosher foodstuff.

        1. Do you have a BulkBarn in the Peg Time? I know the one we have here in Edmonton carries 3 or 4 types of couscous, including Israeli.

          1. I been lookin as well , I am from Toronto , misplaced here for the winter. There is little variety. I havent found a decent jewish style deli , or a place that sells bagels.

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              No good deli in Winnipeg. Seriously. You can look and look, but you'll never find it. Just Desserts might have been good, but they closed their restaurant several years ago and now only do catering in addition to the retail dry goods store (they have frozen goods, too, like kosher chicken, etc.).

              Gunn's for bagels is pretty much it. They sell Gunn's bagels at supermarkets (I know Safeway carries them, probably Superstore and Sobey's, too, but am not sure), but they'll be fresher if you go to their store. The bagel style is different from Montreal bagels, and probably different from Toronto-style, too, but thankfully it's nothing like Lender's or other supermarket bagels that are really just bread with holes in the middle.

              Superstore, Sobey's, and Safeway in the River Heights/Grant Park area have fairly good selections of kosher foods (sections of aisles devoted specifically to kosher products, not just a few items scattered here and there). You might be able to find Israeli couscous at those stores. But I think Just Desserts on Corydon or Stewart's on Grant will be your best options. Stewart's on Grant might even have some deli-type goods (they used to a couple of decades ago), but the current owners are I think Jewish Argentineans, so last I remember, it was more like empanadas for take-out than corned beef sandwiches.