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Dec 27, 2009 11:56 AM

Boston Hound needs help

Hi everyone,
I am visiting friends who live in Waucanda (sp?) this upcoming weekend and want to bring my buddy and his wife out to dinner. Don't want to travel too far as we will be dealing with Babysitters etc. Looking for something casual yet upscale, independent with a decent wine list

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  1. The village of Wauconda is in an area with some open land but rapidly encroaching development. I'm not aware of anything right in Wauconda that fits exactly what you're looking for; because the town is right on Bangs Lake and its boating crowd, it has numerous casual places serving burgers, beer, etc, including some that overlook the lake, even a few with docks, IIRC. However, I recommend the following four restaurants that are in surrounding towns (within 15 minutes driving) and fit what you're looking for to a tee. D&J Bistro is a casual French bistro and is very good. Le Vichyssois is also a French restaurant/bistro and is excellent. Both have been around quite a while (D&J since 1987, LeV since 1976). Karma serves pan-Asian cuisine; the room is beautiful (and contemporary) but I've found the food to be only so-so. I've heard good things about Barrington Country Bistro but haven't been there yet.

    D&J Bistro (Lake Zurich, south of Wauconda) -
    Le Vichyssois (Lakemoor, northwest of Wauconda) -
    Karma (Mundelein, east of Wauconda) -
    Barrington Country Bistro (Barrington, south of Wauconda) -