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Dec 27, 2009 10:36 AM

REVIEW w/ pics: The Park's Finest BBQ Lives Up to its Name!

This past summer, I've had my share of BBQ from Bludso's BBQ to Big Mista's BBQ to Porky's BBQ and much more, so based on all these tastings, I can say without bias that my favorite BBQ comes from The Park's Finest BBQ. What's even better is that TPFB is owned by Johneric Concordia, whose BBQ and BBQ sauce is based on flavors from the Philippines, where I'm from.

I first experienced TPFB in late September as part of a BBQ series hosted for my dining group, by one of my Assistant Organizers, Robert. Currently, Park's does not have a retail restaurant space. They only do catering for now so lunch was at a Filipino gallery, Remy's on Temple and outside the gallery was where the smoker was parked from the wee hours cooking our meal.

Before we dug in, Johneric, gave us a little history about his company. He talked about how his father, "Big Tony", was a Navy cook and how he had developed the Concordia BBQ sauce as a way to appeal to both the crew's palate, but still stay true to his roots. The base flavor of his sauce came from the combination of the natural sugars from sugar cane and pineapples simmering with soy sauce, peppers, and spices. This secret recipe was passed to his children and grand-children. What's unique about this sauce is that it still allows for experimentation so that there can be variations to the Concorcdia sauce that can suit any palate.

After learning more about The Park's Finest BBQ, it was time to dig in. Check out what was on the menu starting with their Ligaya Veggie Medley which were marinated and grilled zucchini, squash and green onions. I loved the peppery flavors.

Their Compostila Pork Tender Loin was smoky and tender. The Mt. Malindang Pork Rack of Ribs had a beautiful char and the spice rub was very flavorful. I couldn't find any flaw with their Taal Manok (Chicken). Even the white meat was juicy, which was amazing since BBQ Chicken Breast can often times be dry. Their Rib Eye Roast and Batangueno Beef Ribs were also tender and juicy and would make any BBQ lover very happy. We also partook in another Ligaya Veggie Medley, which was made up of grilled asparagus and green onions and there was also Pulled Pork and Mt. Mayon Hot Sausage Links for the taking.

I wish I could be more descriptive about all the various BBQ meats we ate, but I was too busy eating and not taking any notes Usually, I don't like to over-hype anything, especially, when it comes to food, but I just found Park's Finest BBQ to be mind-blowing good. By the way, while the BBQ could really just stand on its own, the addition of the BBQ sauce took it over the top. The BBQ sauce variation that Johnerico prepared for us was both sweet and spicy and flavored with coconut. That sauce was quite addicting.

As for dessert, there was an interesting twist on a Filipino dessert called Bibingka, which is usually made with rice flour and coconut. Based on the name, Park's version called Ann's Cornbread Bibingka probably contained cornmeal. I wish someone thought of that earlier. The addition of the cormeal made this bibingka a little more dense, but also a little sweeter. What an awesome variation to something so traditional.

Overall, even months later, I still can't forget The Park's Finest BBQ. I hope that they eventually do get a retail restaurant. I'll certainly be a good customer. As it is, I might just have to plan party just so I can get more of their BBQ or if any of you are planning on having them cater an event, I certainly wouldn't turn down an invitation to chow down on what I think is the best BBQ I've ever had.

The Park's Finest BBQ
(213) 247-4909

To see full post with photos, go to:

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  1. I second The Park's Finest. Best BBQ in town.

    1. Before "they eventually do get a retail restaurant," they need to whip that unhelpful and occasionally unreadable Web site into shape. I've known molecules bigger than the type in some of those images. Suppose I don't want an $80 catering tray -- which is what you're offered when you click on "Order Now" -- and am not interested in the Traeger COM200 smoking grills that they also hawk. Let's say I just want to get a couple of plates of BBQ from their "Vending Menu." How do I order and where do I pick it up?

      5 Replies
      1. re: Harry Nile

        As to not wanting an $80 catering tray, Harry they do have individual dishes priced out on their "vending menu" here:

        1. re: Servorg

          Servorg, my question was: How do you order from the "Vending Menu"? I don't see anything on the "Order Now" page except catering trays, and I still don't know where to pick the food up.

          pleasurepalate paints a nice picture of the BBQ, but how do I try some?

          (Note to The Park's Finest BBQ for that next conversation with your Web designer: is this what you want potential customers to be talking about?)

          1. re: Harry Nile

            Sorry, Harry. Needed to parse your post more carefully (obviously too many Xmas cookies scrambled my synapses). Have you tried emailing them to see if they will give you the information all the BBQ loving hounds need to know?

            1. re: Servorg

              I know what you mean, Sevorg -- I had a couple of glasses of Christmas cookies myself. ;-)

              Yes, I sent Park's an email and will report on their response.

        2. re: Harry Nile

          i've also been wondering where they do vending. they never say anything on twitter or facebook. it really sucks, because i still think about the yelp/pleasurepalate event back in september.

        3. So the only way to try this BBQ is to order up a few hundred dollars worth of catering sized dishes or an a la carte plate (cut how fresh and preserved how until I get my hands on it???) via the internet and track the delivery via Twitter????? Could this be the defining edge of where the culinary world should NOT go to when it comes to marketing via the internet?

          I still have hope. Looking forward to their response to Harry's email so I can try some of this well-reviewed BBQ.

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          1. re: mrshankly

            I've still heard nothing, mrshankly, and am THIS close to texting the Secretary of Barbecue and Human Services in Washington, DC. If I don't hear from Park's by tomorrow, I'll put in a call to the number on their Web site.

            1. re: Harry Nile

              I linked this discussion to the owner of the Park's Finest via Facebook. I just said that he was mentioned on Chowhounds. I didn't ask or say that he should reply. Maybe he'll read the discussions and respond. His name is Johneric Concordia on Facebook.

              1. re: Galen

                Galen, I received a "page not found" error when I tried to get a message to Johneric on Facebook earlier today. What's the proper page? -Harry

                  1. re: Galen

                    farmerjohneric -- that's pretty clever, even though every butcher I've talked to in Southern California criticizes Farmer John's pork! In any case, Park's has yet another Web problem -- they need to change the incorrect Facebook link on their home page.

                    Thanks, Galen. Since you've already notified Johneric, I'll wait until he replies to my email to

                    1. re: Harry Nile

                      This is just tragic... no way to order, more broken links on their web page... my hopes of binging, I mean indulging on this BBQ are dying by the hour.

                      Farmerjohneric, please respond!!!!:)

          2. I've received a friendly and helpful email from Johneric Concordia, owner of The Park's Finest BBQ. Bottom line: they're currently focused on catering events of all sizes but do work festivals where you can purchase individual plates of food. (The prices are on the previously discussed "Vending Menu" at: ) Submit your email address to to get on a mailing list for dates and places. -HN