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Dec 27, 2009 10:20 AM

Croft Original Sherry

Does anyone know if I can buy Croft Original Sherry online in the US?
If not, how easy is it to get a licence to import?

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  1. Croft was one of the few producers to make BOTH Porto and Sherry. The Sherry side of the company was sold by Diageo to Gonzales, Byass -- makers of Tio Pepe, among other fine sherries. The Porto side of the company was sold to the Taylor-Fonseca Group.

    I do not believe that it is currently imported into the US at this time. That said, it is VERY difficult to get an import license just for one wine -- the rights are probably already assigned, and even if they weren't, you would have to import the entire Croft line, prove that you have access to US distribution channels, adequate capitalization, marketing plans, and so on and so on . . . .

    1. May I ask why you want to buy Croft Original Sherry? Not intending to sound snobbish in the slightest, but it is considered to be among the lowest of the low here in the UK...
      Have you had it before, or is it on a tip?

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      1. re: Steve_K

        Perhaps I can respond for one Croft Original lover, since you never heard from the OP.
        I completely understand that many Brits don't consider CO particularly interesting (your grandma's favorite??), but to me and many others, it is a very appealing, light version of cream sherry far superior to, for example, the disgusting "Bristol cream" known in the States.
        I've tried the highly recommended Tio Pepe, among others, and found them to be dry as powder and acidic, not what I appreciate in an apertif or after-dinner drink. Would much prefer a nice single malt whisky or sipping rum if I want something with some bite. Thus, I (like the OP) wish very much that I could buy CO in the US and failing that, have in the past brought home as many bottles as I could pack into my suitcase. :-)

        1. re: FlaAnn

          I totally agree with FlaAnn, I am also looking for Croft Original Sherry in the USA. Did you have any luck with acquiring it, and if so where/how? I am located in San Diego but can order from anywhere if it can be sent. World Cost Plus Market do not have it. Thank you.

          1. re: zdavis778

            My 89 year young mom loves this stuff. Whenever I travel and see it, I bring a bottle home. Last I found it in Saba and before that, Bermuda. Is it in the US yet?

            1. re: phelana

              Without meaning to be too negative about it, I wouldn't hold my breath . . .

              Croft Sherry -- in a sense -- no longer exists. As I said back in 2010, Croft was split in two, which the Sherry side of the company now being produced by Gonzales, Byass. In other words, Croft as a winery, as a sherry producer, no longer exists: Gonzales, Byass merely labels some of their wine under the Croft label, but it is produced and bottled by Gonzales, Byass. Further, they are (according to their website) only bottling one sherry under the Croft label, as opposed to the *former* full range. That said, it *is* the Croft Original Sherry that they bottle.

              Croft Original has always been a low-priced, "supermarket" sherry, and it is at places like Astra, Tesco, and Waitrose -- all UK supermarket chains, the equivalents (sort of) to Walmart, Safeway, and Whole Foods -- where most of the Croft is sold in the UK.

              To the best of my knowledge, there is no intention to bring it into the US, where it was never a big seller in the first place . . . .