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Dec 27, 2009 10:00 AM

Marinated Mushroom Problem

I love mushrooms -- regular old buttons -- marinated in garlic and oil. A local restaurant (deceased) used to make them to go, fabulous, and they would keep nicely in the fridge.

I have tried to make them just with oil, salt and garlic, and I have tried cutting the oil with some white or white wine vinegar. Seems that the oil always wants to congeal or solidify in the fridge, which gets a bit nasty.

Any ideas for a preparation that will stay liquid and appetizing in the fridge? Thanks.

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  1. What type of oil are you using. Vegetable oils don't work as well as olive oil for this kind of marinade. Mushrooms contain a lot of water; you might also try a bit of mustard as an emulsifier.

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    1. If you're using olive oil, particularly extra-virgin (perfect for marinating the mushrooms) -- it's going to congeal when you refrigerate. You'll want to leave the dish out at room temp to warm up a bit, then stir, before serving.

      I would hate to trade-off the liquidity of the oil for the lack of flavor if you switch to soy oil (the only other oil I use). If you do switch, adding a few herbs to the mix might pep up your mushrooms.

      1. Most oils solidify in the fridge, including olive oil...even so, once they are brought to room temp, they will return to it's regular state. That said, you can still make your mushrooms they way you've been doing; just allow the dish to come to room temperature then stir to incorporate the ingredients before eating.

        Another thing you might want to try is light olive oil or make just the amount you need for one meal..I'd tell you to try a bottled dressing but I have a couple oil & vinegar type dressings in my fridge that have that problem too.

        1. Thanks for the thoughts so far. Should have mentioned that somehow the original restaurant's product stayed in the fridge without solidifying... But I never knew what was in there besides oil and garlic. That's the holy grail to me!!

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            They probably used canola oil, which doesn't solidify in the fridge.

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              I wouldn't be surprised if they had used a bottled Italian dressing, containing all those treated oils that hold up so well in foodservice: the not solidifying is a definite clue. Except for the most upscale restaurants, there are lots of shortcuts acceptably used. There used to be a Cains product made to spec for a certain pizza chain in upstate NY that I used for everything (it was so popular that they sold small bottles of it) and when I moved away, I was at a loss to replicate.

          2. I created this recipe after having marinated mushrooms in a restaurant a long time ago. I warm the ingredients to get the oil and vinegar to homogenize and I get less separation and the oil never congeals. It is very heavy on vinegar so they are tangy but that is why my family likes it.
            Mushroom Marinade

            3/4 cup oil
            1 cup Cider Vinegar
            2/3 cup Red Wine Vinegar
            1/3 cup Balsamic Vinegar
            1/3 cup White Wine Vinegar – if you don’t have it increase the red wine or cider vinegar
            Sm onion chopped
            1 tsp salt
            1 Tbl Basil
            1 Tbl Oregano
            ¼ tsp pepper
            2-3 cloves garlic minced

            2 12 oz packages of mushrooms

            Clean the mushrooms and depending on the size cut them in half or quarter them.

            Bring all of the ingredients but the mushrooms to boil and simmer for about 10 mins.

            Pour hot marinade over the mushrooms and refrigerate for two days. If you don’t have two days you can put the mushrooms in the pot for the last minute you are simmering the marinade.