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Dec 27, 2009 09:46 AM

New in the Valley & Del Mar

I can't believe I'm beating Chandavkl here, usually I spot a change in the SGV one night and get home to see it on Chowhound the next morning...

Directly across Valley from the Hawaii Supermarket (on north side of Valley), Yu Garden has opened. Grand opening banner and everything. It looked busy, but I didn't get across Valley to see if there was any sign as far as type of restaurant, menu, etc.

I'm trying to recall what was there before. IIRC a Vietnamese restaurant (?).

If anyone could check it out to see what kind of fare they offer, I'd appreciate it. Maybe I'll check myself next weekend.

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  1. I saw that too! I guess there's a Yu's Garden in Irvine, but who knows if it's related? Maybe I'll check it out over New Year's.

    1. It was Pho Le Loi before. Haven't tried Yu Garden yet but I got a paper copy of the menu. It looks like it specializes in Shanghai Cuisine.

      1. Your "chow fu" is impressive. Spotting a new restaurant before Chandavkl does is almost unheard of! :-)

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        1. re: raytamsgv

          Thanks ray, actually I likely have spotted a few others before him, but he beats me in posting to Chowhound :-) I do feel it was quite an accomplishment.

          taiwanesesmalleats, thanks for checking the menu and naming the prior restaurant.

          1. re: JThur01

            Thanks for the heads up. This one was out of the blue as there was no prior indication of a changing of the guard at that location, which most recently was Chau's Kitchen. I'm sure you see a lot of the new places before I do, particularly since in live in Los Feliz and get to the SGV once or twice a week only. But I do post immediately when I try a new place, though I don't report on every new restaurant I visit. What really is impressive is that you seem to have beaten TonyC, who hasn't mentioned this place here or on his Valley Blvd. food blog, and who typically includes the grand opening date in his write-ups, which indicates he's usually there when the doors first open.

            Turning to Yu Garden, despite the communality as to Yu's Garden in Irvine which is also a Shanghai style restaurant, since they have different Chinese names (as well as slightly different American names) and from what I recall, different menus, I think the two are unrelated. Also Yu Garden is rather downscale compared to Yu's Garden. I thought the food at Yu Garden was pretty good, though I'm not sure we need another Shanghai style restaurant in the city of San Gabriel.

            1. re: Chandavkl

              Actually, I live in the Antelope Valley, but because the SGV is such a culinary treasure, I find myself in the area about once a week. Let's see, I spotted Mama's Kitchen disappearing from New, but did not notice it relocated around the corner onto Valley and Hot Pots being gone, but you beat me to posting those :-) (there's one more change I spotted and you posted first, but I don't recall it at the moment)

              So, what did you have at Yu Garden? Any recommendations?

              1. re: JThur01

                Shredded pork with dry tofu strips was as sensational as that dish gets. Soybeans with picked vegetables was OK.

              2. re: Chandavkl

                HAHA! O NOOO you di'int!!

                Yu Garden, first visit, 12/19, second visit 12/27. Attach is the lunch menu + the jin du pai gu. Per sign, grand opened 12/8. Mr. Wong, the mgr, returned from Dallas to run the place, is Shanghainese, as is the ENTIRE staff, down to the waitress. The owner of the property, which used to house my (& Erik M's) fave, Pho Le Loi: , is married to a Shanghainese woman, hence the entire Shanghainese connection. Haven't tasted enough of the main entrees to do a thorough write up.

                SGV desperately needs a SHA restaurant that doesn't focus on carbs, and this is it. So far, I like it better than Wok n Roll, I like it better than.. Supreme Dragon, J&J, Mei Long Village, etc.

                Sweet/Noodle Island on Valley, next to the crappy Noodle House, has since moved down to Southwest corner of Garvey/Garfield, by the dance studio, just south of the BoA parking lot.

                Noodle Young, which had some GREAT apps, but lousy noodles, and was open for only 9 months: has been replaced by Chuan Yu noodles.

                Yunnan 168 has been previously covered on Chowhound to no praise by ipsedixit:

                Btw Chandavkl, Hunan's Restaurant, the one that replaced the Korean place, across from Ding's Garden, same plaza as Snack Pop, Lollipop, is back in a MF'ing FIERCE way. Fierce, as in my stomach hurts some kinda bad right now.

                Also, Nubi is having 50% off all froyo until Valentine's day. Woot Woot!

                Domie's bakery, the cheapest Vietnamese/Western cake purveyor on Garvey, has opened next to Hunan's Restaurant, which makes that plaza a instant new fave since Snack Pop is still rockin' funtastic Taiwanese style popcorn chix w/ basil for $4.

                Kiki's bakery, once next to Jazz Cat, has moved down to NE corner of Garvey/Garfield, with a matching MJ cafe to boot. They were tooting BOGO drinks during Xmas weekend. The spare space to the right of the retail shop will become "corporate" office as the Rowland Heights locale is now deemed too small. MJ Cafe will remain open til 10pm, thus becoming the only "late night" tea shop on Garvey.

                FC Shanghai, on Garvey: has closed, and will be replaced by a Veggie joint.

                And that is your neighborly W SGV update for December..

                - via

                1. re: TonyC

                  Haha!...I knew it was too good to be true. I bow down before you Tony (and usually you as well Chandavkl) :-)

                  Tony, thanks for the extensive update and report. I noticed Hunan Restaurant opening (the paper license was the only "signage" the week I caught it), and was going to ask you about it. Chandavkl beat me posting on that one.

                  I also noticed the Nubi discount. Damn, I really gotta trust my instincts more and go ahead and post :-) My excuse is I get home late and by the time I get the cobwebs out the next's already been posted.

                  1. re: TonyC

                    You should really be on Twitter so we can stay just a step behind you. Sweet/Noodle Island is strange--their business card showed both the Valley Bl. and Monterey Park locations (plus Las Tunas and a 4th), but Monterey Park did not appear to be open while the Valley Bl. location was there. The FC Shanghai location is going for the record--already 12 different restaurants there in the past 15 years.