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Dec 27, 2009 08:18 AM

What did Santa bring you?

Fairly low tech for me but needed and fun:

Reidel Vinium Burgandy Glasses

new spatulas and a lemon squeezer!

What did you get?

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  1. a 5qt Lodge cast iron Dutch oven
    _From Asparagus to Zucchini_ (A guide to cooking farm fresh seasonal produce) cookbook
    1lb Minnesota wild rice
    Italian herb seed kit for my Aerogarden

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    1. re: justen_m

      I got the Lodge 6 qt dutch oven. Love it!!!!!

      1. re: justen_m

        I am a very lucky girl! I received an All Clad 6 qt saute pan, an OXO flexible spatula, an OXO V-slicer mandoline, a Sodastream and several silicone potholders!

        (oops, posted in the wrong spot - sorry)

      2. Fish spatula
        Emile Henry ruffled pie plate in caramel
        Martha Stewart's Cookies book
        4.5 qt copper sauce pan

        Thank you Santa!

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        1. re: ziggylu

          I received the Emile Henry ruffled pie plate in nougat for my birthday. Haven't had a chance to use it yet but I just love it anyway.

          1. re: ziggylu

            I can vouch for the cookies cookbook. Big fan of the Earl Grey Tea Cookies.

            1. re: ziggylu

              A fish spatula is superb for poached eggs.

            2. Keurig coffee maker....absolutely awesome!

              1. A portable induction cooktop. One burner; 1800 watts (13,000 btu).

                1. I got a lot of nice kitchen swag! New pots and pans (favorite: nonstick griddle pan, the kind without ridges), lots of utensils (favorite: offset icing spatula), and bakeware (favorite: cake pans).