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Licking the Knife..

Love doing this..used to drive my Mom nuts...my favorite is when I slice a sandwich and the mayo is lingering on the somewhat dull small serrated kitchen knife...never a sharp knife.
Do you all still do this?

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  1. Still?
    No. Never have. Never will....

    1. Our knives are very, very sharp. I can't imagine putting my tongue on one...

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      1. re: shaogo

        Yes in my house there would be the risk of a severed tongue

      2. Butter knife? absolutely. Peanut butter, cream cheese, butter residue...
        Sharp kitchen knife? never. Not worth the risk.

        1. Still? I never started.

          I also don't let my kids touch dangerous tools of any kind unless they can prove they can handle them properly. That means not putting sharp knives in your mouth (also not chewing on electric cords, not operating the chain saw). Your mother seems to have a different approach.

          1. Oh lighten up already, people. Is it a big etiquette no-no? Absolutely. But life-threatening? Dangerous? A freaking "dull small kitchen knife" you use to spread butter or mayo? Puh-lease.

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            1. re: linguafood

              No it's not, but Beach Check asked a question, I gave an answer. You disagree. That's fine.

              By the way, I noticed that Beach Chick edited her post after seeing all the responses to add "somewhat dull small serrated kitchen knife ... never a sharp knife."

              It kind of makes her original post rather pointless, no pun intended.

              1. re: taos

                Ha! Good one, tho. And I guess we don't disagree so much if she edited her OP. I hadn't noticed. Sharp knives are not a good lick. Butter knives.... any time. But only if nobody's looking '-)

                1. re: taos

                  I did edit my post..when I saw all the posts who thought that I was getting my kicks from some super big ass sharp as hell knife..
                  Entertaining over the holidays, I saw 6 people lick the dull knife, when cooking..made me think of all the times that I and others do this..

                  1. re: Beach Chick

                    When I returned to this thread, I thought I was going crazy until I read taos's post about Beach Chick editing her post.

                    I thought I'd become dyslexic or worse, ignoring the whole "somewhat dull small serrated kitchen knife ... never a sharp knife" part, when making my first post.

                    1. re: Beach Chick

                      " I saw 6 people lick the dull knife, when cooking.."

                      WHILE COOKING? Meaning, they used it again after slobbering all over it. Oh. Oh, my.

                      1. re: chow_gal

                        hee hee
                        no silly...we all were making our own sandwiches and I only have DULL knives since I fear sharp ones..(that was a post, a couple of years ago) and one by one, they all licked their own DULL knife with the mayo and dijon mustard..a couple were cutting up the gooey brownies..but all of them licked the DULL knives, after it was all said and done.
                        Don't you all lick the DULL spoon after making a cake or brownie mix?
                        ; )

                        1. re: Beach Chick

                          if your "knives" are as dull as a spoon, I would suggest a therapy session or two to overcome that razorbladeaphobia you got there!:-p

                2. Not really.
                  I remember looking at the BBQ spatula a few years back just after grilling some hamburgers. Little flecks of meat and a great sheen of yummy fat. It wasn't quite a rational decision, I just licked.
                  Couldn't taste for 3 days with a burned tongue...

                  1. I can't say I can ever recall licking the the knife per se, but I can definitely admit to keeping the blade between my thumb and fore finger and pulling it back to catch any food remnants on the blade and sticking my fingers to my mouth..... does that count?

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                      1. re: linguafood

                        I'll have to make lunch later and report back to you.....

                    1. it is possible to lick a sharp knife from the other side and not get the sharp part near you. just saying.....

                      1. Yes, I lick butter knives all the time.

                        Yes, occasionally, I have been know to lick a sharp steak knife. Even once or twice my santoku. You just lick from the back side outwards.

                        Yes, there is a risk of getting cut. But, it isn't like I'm licking across the blade side of the knife. You know, every day, thousands, maybe millions, of men – would you believe – drag very sharp razors that could easily kill them right across their cheeks and necks. Clearly, it can be done safely. So to can a sharp knife be licked fairly safely, or with a risk of only a minor cut (not a severed tongue).

                        1. I can just hear my parents freaking out at me for even thinking of it! No matter what kind of knife, we were not allowed to lick it. It's still something I just don't do. I guess some of their rules have stuck with me all this time.

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                          1. re: tracylee

                            I wasn't allowed to do that, either, but that was then... and I haven't had to obey a parent in over 50 years. Yes, I do occasionally lick a knife, even (carefully!) my very sharp little 4" sabatier, after cutting a sandwich in half, for instance. And I always lick the butter knife after spreading peanut butter. In fact, I overload the PB so there'll be a good bit to lick!

                            Never in front of anyone, though. One of those things one does in private.

                            1. re: Will Owen

                              yep yep...and feels guilty about afterward.... but it tasted so good....

                          2. I am way past middle age, do all the cooking, have very sharp knives and have been licking them for years. My tongue is still intact; it is all in the technique. It drives my wife nuts.

                            1. Yes ... the knife I use to cut my steak.

                              1. I won't lick it... but if there's something worth having I'll run my finger along the side of the blade and then lick THAT. Slicing my tongue doesn't sound like much fun to me...

                                1. always have, always will.

                                  1. Beach Chick- I love your posts, and god forbid we ever actually meet, methinks you and I could eat and drink like there is no tomorrow.

                                    I have been known to lick the occasional knife, as I love mayo and cannot stand to see it wasted. Tragic Tragic Tragic. And licking a wooden spoon covered in cake batter is required at my house.

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                                    1. re: Dagney

                                      Thanks Dag's!
                                      If we ever met, we would have to have Betty Ford on our speed dial to come pick us up!
                                      ; )

                                    2. Wow. I'm surprised how many people say no. I do it all the time -- sharp knife, dull knife, doesn't matter. I do it very deliberately and carefully and avoid the sharp edge. I'll lick to the sharp edge but never over it. I haven't cut myself yet. DH hates it when I do it because he's so scared I'll cut off my tongue. But I'm also the type of person who constantly burns her tongue and roof of mouth because I eat my food at a very hot temperature (I think it's a Korean thing). Guess I like to live on the wild side.

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                                      1. I do. I really pay no mind as to how sharp it is.

                                        1. cream cheese or peanut butter takes a bit of finesse but not as easy peasy as the mayo.

                                          1. mostly the butter knife when i spread peanut butter...
                                            or whatever spreader/knife when i use frosting...

                                            and of course any spoon when i make cookies/cake/brownies etc...
                                            and then the bowl when i'm done

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                                            1. re: srsone

                                              +1 to all of it...though I learned the hard way that I shouldn't lick whisks/beaters/etc. I have my tongue pierced. Not smart. :-\

                                            2. better things in this world to lick than knives

                                              1. If one of the kids licked a knife at our dinner table my mom would bust out with:

                                                The Goops they lick their fingers.
                                                The Goops they lick their knives.
                                                They spill their broth on the table cloth
                                                and lead disgusting lives.

                                                The Goops they talk while eating,
                                                And loud and fast they chew;
                                                And that is why that I am glad
                                                I'm not a Goop -- Are you?

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                                                1. re: greenish

                                                  Oh my goodness! The Goops! I thought my mom and grandmother was the only two out there who could recite that... thanks for the memory.

                                                  My mother would kill me if she knew, but yes, I lick the knives (in private, never in front of anyone, including my husband - a guilty pleasure). On sharp ones, I use the finger technique above. Batter off the spatula is a given also.

                                                  1. re: greenish

                                                    i never heard that before...
                                                    i googled it...it was from a childrens book published in 1900 by a guy named gelett burgess...called the goops and how not too be them...

                                                    1. re: srsone

                                                      Somewhat off-topic, but he was the author of the "Purple Cow" verse, which became wildly popular. Several years down the road he wrote a follow-up:

                                                      Yes, I know the "Purple Cow,"
                                                      Yes, I'm the one who wrote it.
                                                      And let me tell you, here and now,
                                                      I'll kill you if you quote it!

                                                  2. I have never done this, ever. I think it's kind of gross. I don't even lick the spoon if I were to spoon out peanut butter or something, it just bothers me.

                                                    1. I only lick straight razors.

                                                      1. Yes I have, a very long time ago (45 years ago), I cut my tongue and have never done it again.

                                                        1. "Please pass the knife."

                                                          1. I am not ashamed to admit that I lick knives, even sharp ones but carefully. I also lick mixing spoons and those electric beater thingies when making cookies or cakes.
                                                            Remember: THe tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body!!

                                                            1. I was gifted from Momma a really neat sandwich knife.
                                                              One side serrated for trimming the bread
                                                              the other left blunt, as great invitation
                                                              to slurp down those remnants of dressing.

                                                              Lapping leftover shards of mayo mustard et cetera
                                                              Led to adventures with blades were more sharpened.
                                                              Deep lingual strokes from blunt to sharp edge.

                                                              It's akin to "cook's oyster" when roasting a chicken
                                                              Is dignified act of the licking of knife.
                                                              With a wee bit of practice we can safely partake
                                                              of every thing we have sliced.

                                                              Cook's oyster... cook's ecstasy....
                                                              Lay tongue to that blade.

                                                              1. Had some leftover De Cecco Rigatoni pasta and I sliced up cherry tomt's with crumbled blue cheese and a little drizzle of EVO and blue cheese dressing and the knife had the little golden nuggets of juice and seeds with the blue cheese that was on the knife and I went for it and Damn, that is a great combo on the knife and worth the risk.

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                                                                1. re: Beach Chick

                                                                  I love it when an old thread is revived and there is a post from FoodFuser. His absence on the new threads sure is

                                                                  We have a family joke about licking eating utensils. In our family at the end of supper if someone did not use their knife (or spoon) it is mentioned and then the knife (or spoon) goes back into the drawer. This is also something we did when I was a kid. So a few years ago I asked my wife if she used her knife, and before she could answer, I said "let me check" and then I licked it.

                                                                  1. re: John E.

                                                                    Does it go back into the drawer if not used, but only licked?

                                                                2. Regular dinner knives, yes. Steak knives, no. Kitchen knives, HELL NO!