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Dec 27, 2009 07:58 AM

what can i do with leftover terrine of foie gras and how long will it stay good?

i bought a 1# terrine of rougie terrine of foie gras to share with family for christmas and they didn't eat much of it. it looks like it is oxidizing. how long will it keep and is there anything i can cook with it?

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  1. heh heh.
    dh says: "you should just buy yourself a good bottle of wine, and commit." :-P

    1. If the exposed parts of your terrine are turning greyish, cut off the grey (eat it -- it's okay, just discolored) and coat the rest of the terrine with melted butter or duck fat.

      The only time we have filet mignon in our house (we prefer fattier cuts) is when I grill them quickly and top 'em with a slice of foie gras or liver pate. Pass the Madiera sauce.

      Stuff chicken breasts with the terrine and maybe some mushroom duxelle, start in a saute pan and finish in the oven.

      I had a really wild pasta dish in a restaurant that was fettucine in a cream sauce that was chock full of cubes of pate.

      1. I had some leftover foie gras on a hot toasted English muffin the other night...paradise!