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Dec 27, 2009 07:44 AM

What goes with cabbage?

I have about 3/4 head of a cabbage I thought I would use for tonight's dinner. I though I would shred and saute(unless anyone has some other ideas). What would be good to go with the cabbage? I'm greatful for all ideas and suggestions. Happy New Year!

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  1. if you look directly below my reply, you should see just some of the many previous threads about cabbage. perhaps if you scan through those, one of the recipes or pairings mentioned will inspire you?

    also, should we assume it's green cabbage since you didn't specify?

    if you want to turn it into a major component of the meal and you still have a sufficient number of large leaves intact, make stuffed cabbage rolls - one of my favorite winter comfort meals.

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      or you can 'deconstruct' cabbage rolls into a layered casserole similar to what GHG and Cheryl suggest; a base of rice, chopped cabbage, ground seasoned meat of choice, drenched in a garlicky tomato sauce and topped with dill-spiked sour cream or ricotta and chuck it in a 350 oven for an hour or so. easy, (but from scratch) and the old-school types like it.

      btw I apologize for using the precious term 'deconstruct' as it's anything but precious.

    2. Are you wanting entree ideas to go with the cabbage? Roast chicken, ham, oven cooked kielbasa with potatoes & cabbage, stuffed cabbage with beef or pork & rice in a tomato sauce; chicken & dumplings with cabbage; vegetable soup, etc.

      One of my favorite ways to cook the cabbage is to render down some bacon, thinly slice potatoes & onions..cook down the potatoes & onions in the fat then add some cabbage and cook it all down until its crispy and caramelized..crumble up the cooked bacon and stir in at the end....

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        This one sounds really good and simple as well! Thanks.

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          My mom used to make this dish when I was growing up. My husband will not eat things like this, so I really miss it. If we didn't have potato for some reason, my mom would use buttered elbow mac and prepare the same way. Both ways are delicious.

        2. pork. amazing trans-world pork and cabbage.

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            Amen to pork. Of course, pork goes with anything in myriad of forms.

          2. Foie gras (seriously). Alain Senderens won a Michelin star with a foie gras that's wrapped in cabbage. Outside of that, pork in many variations.

            Since you're specifically mentioning a 3/4 head, I'm assuming that you've already cut into the cabbage so most of the recipes requiring whole leaves (e.g. the foie gras and the cabbage rolls) are probably out.

            You can also make a variety of cabbage soups, including garbure, a semi-freeform south-west French soup which uses duck or goose fat as its starting flavoring agent. The last one I had included duck confit, pork, haricots tarbais, leeks, potato and other goodness.

            1. If you braise cabbage with onion, apples, vinegar, and herbs/spices, it goes well with chicken or pork.

              Braise it with onion and chicken broth, plus caraway, in a lot of butter and it goes with fish. When Jasper White was doing the Legal Seafood menus, I had a wonderful dinner there of seafood sausage with braised cabbage and boiled potato.