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Dec 27, 2009 05:40 AM

Carangi Bread in Paoli

Extremely disappointed.
Ordered breads for Christmas Eve dinner - went to retrieve order, and was told, unapologetically, that they had nothing left, they did not know what happened to my order. There were two other patrons there that had apparently been told the same thing earlier in the day, and had come back to pick up their order... only to be made to wait again. Girls behind the counter were very unprofessional, were sticking their hands down into the cannoli piping bags. Needless to say, we had to run over to ACME to then get our bread for our special meal.

This location is new, so I would POSSIBLY give them a second chance in about a month. Hopefully they will pull things together.

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  1. The bread is good, when you get it. The girls behind the counter are remarkably poor. The owner actually takes care of customers, if he can, and there is an older woman who is very good.

    One time, my wife was told there were no rolls, come back later. The owner, who happened to be there, caught her on the way out, and asked if she had not found what she wanted. When he heard her story, he said, no, wait 5 minutes, they are just coming out. She got fine rolls after 5 minutes. The stupid girl would have just watched her leave, and probably not come back.

    I assume they are daughters of someone, because no one would tolerate employees that bad unless there was some special relationship.

    We're not sure yet where we come out on these guys. Good bread, and fresh. But I don't know how much abuse we are willing to take from the girls.

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