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Dec 27, 2009 05:37 AM

Martin'sRiverside New Haven, OPEN?

Tried to call yesterday afternoon and evening. Wanted to reserve a table for today. Kept getting a recording with hours/info etc. Said to leave name and number for a reservation and call would be returned shortly. Never heard back.

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  1. Unfortunately, their web site is of no help - they list hours starting on March 31...which could mean that they're closed for the winter (or it could just mean that the site hasn't been updated in ages). I'd try calling again once or twice, but if you don't hear back, assume the worst and opt for a "plan B"!

    1. TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE. There's word that they are selling once again. usually just opened Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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        While I have not eaten there is quite some time, I would not be surprised if they were closing (or already closed). Things were just not the same after the former owner (Joe, the chef), sold out to Martin. If this has, in fact, failed, it would be at least the third failure for a restaurant that Martin has owned..... While I know that he blamed his silent partners for the first two (Martin's on the Green in Guilford and Martin's Dockside in Branford), experience dictates that when an operator has a history of failures, it is rare that they can achieve success merely by opening up a different venue.

        1. re: lsnhc

          I disagree. I live directly across from Martin's on the other side of the river, and have eaten there often. The food is good, if not great, and Martin and his staff are excellent. It's just that winter is a tough time for a restaurant whose best feature is its outside patio. I'm worried-- with Geppi's closed (?), my neighborhood is at risk of having no nice places to eat. Martin, we're with you!

          1. re: JackNH

            He was having tough times before winter. All through the year it was dead. I also live in the area and there is not enough support of any business in the area. There is a small group of people like ourselves, you included I can assume, that do our best to support everyone. But do you really think that New Haven county as a whole is driving down to "Fair Haven" to support Martin's or who ever else is here and there? Not to mention with all the bad publicity on TV, not too many people have a great impression of this area. downtown beats the heck out our neighborhood. More people would rather e "seen" downtown that at Martins or Janelle's. I too loved Geppi's, but be honest, it's getting to be crapsville again around here.

            1. re: triggs73

              Well, I hope you're wrong. I lived downtown (Orange St) for several years, and was glad to move to Fair Haven. I ate in East Haven last month, and did not "fit in" with the crowd there, either. (I'm black, and boy did they make me feel I was.) Actually, I'm surprised more restaurants haven't closed, given how bad the economy is. By the way, I've given up on Jenelle's. Last two times I was there, it was filled with young mothers with strollers and children and cell phones and the noise level was unbearable (no carpets, no drapes). It's become some kind of social center for "moms." Too bad. You're right, our options and fewer and fewer.

              1. re: JackNH

                I gave up when they f'd my order up for 4 days in a row. Hey don't feel bad in East Haven, I'm Italian and I get snubbed as well. Town has changed some over the years and that's fine. There are plenty of other places to eat.

      2. The word in the neighborhood this morning was that Martin's was served papers...CLOSED! Again this was just something I heard this A.M. from someone in the neighborhood.