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Dec 26, 2009 07:04 PM

Restaurant J in Hiroo on Christmas

Tried Restaurant J in Hiroo for the first time on Christmas night. Lots of good things to say about it. It was a special fixed menu with about seven small courses for that night so it is probably a bit different with the normal menu.

First, two of dishes were really special. The venison main course was amazing with supposedly Japanese deer cooked perfectly on top of potatoes and about seven different flavors that went well together and didn't overwhelm the star of the dish which was the venison.

The other dish was a bit more unusual. It was some mushrooms, mainly maiyatake and a couple of other types, in a clear, consomme-like broth. This was delicious but then there was a soft boiled egg under the mushrooms and when you broke that yoke it was another delicious flavor in the combination.

Most of the other courses were solid and satisfying and beautifully plated. Only one miss imo and that was a foie gras with smoke. It was presented in a covered bowl and when the top was opened the smoke escaped. The flavor was too smoky, but worse was when the top came off the whole restaurant got a strong odor of the smoke for a couple of minutes. So nice try, but I'd retire that gimmick.

The service was great, very romantic atmosphere as you would expect on that night. And the people serving and dining at the restaurant were mostly Japanese, unlike at Kamu, which I always appreciate for some reason.

In summary, I'd definitely recommend it for Japanese inspired French and the price seemed fair for what we got. There being so many restaurants here I don't think I will be back immediately so it is not a must eat at every month or two, but that list is very short.

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  1. Can`t say much about Christmas diner, the salad lunch plate was a better deal than the J lunch with vegetables ankake. The salad flavour was made with soy milk and wasabi (quite good), still my preference will go for another restaurant (not only vegetarian) with the salad-vegetables season with a tasty sesame sauce. You can continue with rice kombu sesame, and swap the desert with the sweet gomatofu (yummy!) and remove the wasabi
    The reason why KaMu still a big appeal is that I heard that they have a goat cheese souffle with ratatouille ? Did you try it ?