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Beginner cooking classes in Toronto?

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A friend wants to learn to cook. I don't know any cooking courses that are geared for the beginner. Nothing fancy necessary. Just affordable. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. There's a series of 4 basic skills classes at Calphalon. I've heard good things, but it's $500 for the 4 classes, so it depends on the kind of commitment your friend is looking for. http://www.calphalonculinarycenter.com

    For a longer commitment, i.e. longer classes and a months-long term, but also more bang for your buck, continuing ed. at George Brown offers an intro course (Culinary Arts I) for $620. This is open to the public, not part of chef training, but obviously a bit more hardcore than your "average" cooking class.

    No beginner classes, but Dish on Dupont offers a range of classes (prices, themes, experience are all variable, so you can pick the skills you want to learn). Here's January: http://www.dishcookingstudio.com/zf/e...

    I know the GBC one is great, but again, intensive. It really depends how much they want to gain.

    1. If you live near a Loblaws Superstore, or a new Longos, check them out. Some have cooking classes on their second level which are considerably more basic than the George Brown courses, but also significantly less expensive.

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        Dish is great option. They have many options to chose from, be it hands on, observe only, theme nights, etc. and they are lots of fun and you do learn a lot. Highly recommend them.

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          I also have gone to classes from Dish, and enjoyed each one. And have gone on to create those same meals at home for dinner parties.

      2. what about night school courses through the toronto district school board continuing education program

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          I didn't know they still ran those.

        2. Bonni Stern's cooking school will have a three week "Back to the Kitchen" course in April-May for $350. The classes are geared toward teaching the basics for people without a lot of kitchen experience and are 3 hours long.

          Slightly more advanced, Cirillo's Culinary Academy has a 4-lesson course called "Traditional Culinary Skills" beginning in February. The series costs $ 425.00.

          1. The newish (and very nice) Miele Market Kitchen at the St. Lawrence Market offers ongoing cooking classes. They are "one off" classes on specific topics like cooking Thai food, or cooking Indian food, etc., but there might be some of interest to your friend. They cost about $50 to $75 per course, so it would be quite a bit less obligation than some of the more serious courses mentioned above, though I suspect these are more for "fun" than for serious learning.

            Calendar: http://stlawrencemarket.com/reslink/k...

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              I took a "Fish" class at Calphalon. While not cheap, it was completely hands on and I acquired many new skills. We made four different types of fish and the small group was very conducive to learning. I would definitely take another class there.