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Dec 26, 2009 06:38 PM

Looking for a good restaurant off the Merritt

Will be driving from NYC to Northampton, MA tomorrow and would like a recommendation for a must try place for lunch. We will be driving up the Merritt to 91.

We like all kinds of food and we're looking for some place we've never been before. There are only a few places we have stopped along this route in the past - Mamoun's in New Haven, Katz's deli, the Athenian (?) diner just off the Merritt around New Haven. Would be interested in exceptional burgers, Mexican food, Asian of any kind, or a good mom and pop place. Thanks!

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  1. You might want to try Kari, just south of exit 59 (right turn) at 1451 Whalley (shopping strip on left just after the Mobil station; across from the Athenian diner). Good Malaysian food, try the roti canai and the stingray (moderately spicy and cooked in a banana leaf; ask them how to remove the flesh from the bones).

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      Thanks to 'rbailin' for this reminder. Spot on with the Roti Canai and the Stingray recs as I've found both to be quite good as well. Although I had the opportunity to go more frequently during the years when it was 'Gunung Tahan', it's been too long since I last visited 'Kari'. Sometimes you just need to hear a mention, get it in gear, and get there.

      I was scarred for life one evening right before the name and ownership change when an out of control youngster took it upon himself to do his best Neil Peart/John Bonham impression and repeatedly "play" that angklung in the dining area. It seems I was more affected than others as I write this now years later with no plans to have children any time soon...ha! Here's remembering you kid....wherever you are. :)


      I said "Hush" before I said "Uhh, Bye" that night when still named 'Gunung Tahan'(I wish what I witnessed was as peaceful as this):

      Kari Restaurant
      1451 Whalley Ave, New Haven, CT 06515

    2. Acapulco's in Stratford is about 2 miles off the Merritt in the center of town.
      Great Mexican fare for reasonable prices.