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Dec 26, 2009 05:33 PM

Reinwald's Bakery in Huntington

What's the best item to get at Reinwald's Bakery in Huntington for a first-timer? suggestions? :)

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  1. My best suggestion is to go to Fiorello Dolce on Wall St. instead. My only Reinwald's experience wasn't very good.

    1. Reinwald's is the largest old style bakery in Huntington with a plethora of good items ranging from breads to danish to decorated cakes. My experiences there have always been pleasurable and it's difficult to know what to recommend, but I do like the lemon souffle cake for one.

      1. I've been happy with everything I've had there. My favorites are Pecan Danish Ring and cake style doughnuts. The Christmas Stollen was good this year, too.

        1. Reinwald's is very basic, generic stand alone bakery. Meaning most of the stuff they have is better than supermarket quality, but I haven't had anything that stood out. I'm with MCF; Fiorrello Dolce is virtually around the corner, and almost everything I've had there is superb. I bake quite a bit, and it's one of the few places I would consider buying from rather than making my own. Even stopping in for breakfast -- they make a great almond croissant.