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Dec 26, 2009 04:39 PM

Looking For Boiled Crawfish near Vicksburg, Miss.

Hey everybody,

My husband and I are in Vicksburg this week visiting his parents and we really would like some boiled crawfish while we're in town. Aside from the cold crawfish at Wal-Mart, we haven't been able to find anything yet. The cart near the outlet mall doesn't look like it's started cooking yet. Is there anywhere else to go? We're willing to travel to the Jackson area if need be.

Any other dining recomendations for the area would also be welcome. I really like BBQ and we're also looking for someplace fun to go for New Year's Eve. Thanks!

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  1. I don't know the area but I think crawfish season hasn't started yet.

    1. Early this week I asked my fishmonger when he'd have Gulf Coast crawfish. The answer: early February.

      You do know that a lot of products are coming in from Asia and their season doesn't correspond to ours.

      signed, respectfully,
      Shallots, who had the worst food poisoning of her life in Canton China after eating fresh water shrimp from their local waters.

      1. I wouldn't be too surprised if the stuff at Wal-Mart was from overseas, but we've been getting live Gulf Coast crawfish in NYC for the past 6 weeks. They've been tiny (and very expensive), but still pretty tasty. I know it's early in the season, but I can't come down here and not check to see if they're availible. We usually get them in New Orleans or Baton Rouge, but we won't be making it to Louisiana during this trip. Thanks.

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          This place is in Jackson, the review is pretty recent, so you can get 'em now:

          I haven't been there and have no idea if they are any good, but it might be worth a shot. Perhaps calling them first to see what they have...

          Most of the crawfish places I know of aren't open yet.

        2. It is news to me that there is a cart that cooks crawfish in Vicksburg...have not been there in ages. And in Jackson? Is there any up there? Personally I avoid boiled crawfish this time of year as a matter of eating in season but I can understand wanting to get somethign while in the area. Usually, in New Orleans, what you;d see around now is tails in an etoufee or the like, and God-Knows-Where-They-Come-From (they used to be "local" pond crawfish but then Spain and Asia and probably a Central republic got into the act). I will ask a friend in Natchez and try to post back ASAP..I bet he is too busy shooting deer to worry about crawfish, though.

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            There is a cart out in the parking lot of Maxwells, or one of those places. I've seen it there, but have never actually seen it open...

            1. re: Clarkafella

              Well, whaddya know...amazing.Of course, I've been in Vicksburg once in the last dozen years so I should not be surprised that such a change could happen....

            2. re: hazelhurst

              Goldies Express...Pemperton Blvd, V'burg...Same location for approx 20 years...Maybe a little less...Expect for them to crank off around Super Bowl week-end.....
              Early local (Louisiana) harvesting going on now.....Available at two locations in Jackson area that I know of......

            3. Thanks everybody! My family and I made it to T'Beaux's in Jackson for lunch today and it was great. Their crawfish ($3.99 per pound) were small but seasoned well and boiled just right. We also had some boiled shrimp (about $9.95 per pound), along with the required potatos and corn. My sister-in-law and her husband, who were in town from Austrailia, were so happy that we were able to find the place. They really wanted crawfish before they went back. We might check out the location in Clinton later this week. Thanks again!