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Dec 26, 2009 04:30 PM

Cafe Giulia in Lakeville CT

Has anyone been?

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  1. Hello NW CT Hounds. Looks like they've only been open a couple of months but we'd really like to hear your scoop on this newcomer. The wheels are turning for a CT Wine Trail outing at the first sign of spring('Miranda' to 'Sunset Meadow' to 'Land of Nod' then 'Cafe Giulia' at the finish line) so we'll eventually see them anyway but what's the scoop? Any chef that uses guanciale has got me curious.

    Has anyone made it yet or are you just hiding something good from us? :) . We already have a "Quiet Corner" so be heard and share your feedback(we're all ears). Did I mention there's not enough love here for 'Pastorale' either? Please post more often and "Don't make me come up there" already! :)

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      OK, we've been to Cafe Giulia. Decor OK, service very nice, good inexpensive bottle of malbec. We started with crispy calamari, which was fine. I had shrimp w/ fennel - the shrimp was cooked well & there was a lot of it, but it didn't have a lot of flavor. My dinner partner had squab, which was good, had a good sauce & came with a nice polenta. Dessert was a very nice, very moist dark chocolate / hazelnut torte. I think the whole thing ran us about $100 with tip.

      We weren't wowed, but we'll give it another shot - I'd be very interested to try their version of pizza, which has its own section on the menu.

      Re: Pastorale - I like it a lot. It's cozy & service is great & I've had some wonderful meals there.