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Dec 26, 2009 03:01 PM

Best Veg Momos in the East Bay and beyond?

Tashi Delek, Namaste...anyone?

I know there are lots of Tibet-and-Nepal-ophiles in the East Bay (and also the whole Bay area). Judging by the number of Free Tibet stickers and Tibetan flags and prayer flags, I'm beginning to think a trip to McLeod Ganj is required just to get residency.

So...where are the best Veg Momos?

Tuk Che Je, Dhanyavad, and thanks in advance,

Ms. Veg

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  1. This vegetarian Himalayan spot in Inner Richmond is supposed to be quite good: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/559729

    and this new place in Berkeley sounds good, but no word on vegetarian momos, and the website is still that of its sushi predecessor: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/673328

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      Yes, the veg momos are something I really want to try at Everest Cafe given how good the other food I tried was and the menu description: minced cabbage, spinach, mushroom, cashew nuts, cheese, onions, cilantro, green onion & spices served with tomato chutney.

      If you try them, I hope you report back so I can have a virtual taste. Just haven't had an opportunity to get back there yet.

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        Karma, which was over on 6th Ave, has closed.

      2. In Berkeley on University, Cafe Tibet is the spot. A Tibetan Couple runs the restaurant and they offer at least four varieties of veg momo's. Also in Sonoma there is a Nepalese restaurant called Taste of the Himalayas and they make some of the best Indian and Nepalese food including momo's. Taste of the Himalayas is a chain and there is one in Berkeley too but the only one worth visiting is the Sonoma branch which is still owned and operated by the original founder. Last but not least, towards the end of May in Berkeley every year at the Himalayan Fair, the Tibetan Association of Northern California makes the best by far momo's over the two days of the fair. Not to be missed!

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          Yeti Restaurant in Glen Ellen has vegetable momos but the canned filling they use doesn't taste good to me. They have a nice eating area outside during the summer though.

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            Try Everest on Solano, Berkeley. I would like the opinion of a momo aficionado. I liked them but my wife was unhappy with one of the flavor elements. I have no momo experience.

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              Yeah, I enjoyed the momos at Everest, but they were the first I've had so I don't have any point of reference either. The dumpling skin was nice and thin, though, and the tomato chutney was tasty.

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              I didn't have the momos, but I was very pleased with my Himalayan spice rubbed roasted chicken last night at Cafe Tibet. I was dragged there by two friends to celebrate the birthday of Dolores del Rio. I really liked the fiery, flavorful sauce/puree made by reducing tomato, onion, garlic and served over a bed of basmati rice and spinach. My friends enjoyed the curry chicken and the broccoli tofu dishes. We also had an order of steamed bread which was very similar to the bread used for cha siew bow but with the addition of garlic. I found that to be not that interesting, but the entrees were great.

              Cafe Tibet
              2020 University Ave, Berkeley, CA