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Dec 26, 2009 02:45 PM


Fantastic, Christmas Eve Dinner. We had the set menu and it was fabulous! Service was great as was the whole experience. Thanks Nougatine for helping us with our great time in NYC

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  1. Wish we had been able to enjoy the fabulous food. Unfortunately, on Christmas Day, we were kept waiting for 45 minutes (had a 5:30 reservation). Since the earliest dinner reservation was 5:30, I didn't understand the problem; apparently, customers were still enjoying their lunches and wouldn't vacate the tables. The lobby area was filling up with unappy people waiting for their dinner reservations - over an hour for later reservations.

    After being seated at 6:15, we couldn't take our time with the set menu since we had to be out of there by 7:30 to see a show at Lincoln Center. We asked what was quick so that we could eat and get out - although the a la carte food was good, no accommodation was made by the dining room captain (nary an offer of cocktail, coffee or dessert) despite our asking for an explanation of the poor reservation/seating service.

    We will never patronize it again because of the utter disregard for the customer's time, especially for (what we thought would be) a memorable Christmas holiday experience.

    1. We had a similar underwhelming experience.

      1. i went last spring for Dad's bday. we got the prix fix and had a enjoyable dinner. no issues.

        1. i have never made it there for dinner, but i have enjoyed several lunches there. Service has always been great, and they have a very, very reasonable prix fixe lunch menu.