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Dec 26, 2009 02:32 PM

Sydney Degustation Options for 21st Birthday


I am trying to pick a restaurant for a dinner (just 3 of us) for my 21st in September. We are thinking that we will do a degustation menu at a Sydney restaurant. At the moment, I am thinking Marque, Tetsuya's or Quay but I am open to other suggestions. While the food is of utmost importance, we will probably choose the matched wine pairing with the meal (where available) and so the quality of that is fairly important too. The price is not really an issue as we are looking to spend up to the $1000 for the 3 of us.

In terms of my tastes, I am open to most things. I am fascinated by different, seemingly odd flavour combinations and am not averse to El Bulli style molecular gastronomy (especially if it is done well).

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. How much fun do you want it to be? Meaning, are you the kind of people who are going to like it casual or formal for the occasion?

    None are avant garde in the Spanish model, Marque is probably closer to experimental French in flavour pairings (eg duck and licorice) but not very confronting and is my favourite of the three when I'm paying and don't care about the view.

    Both Tets and Marque are BYO so you could always bring a couple of classic wines.

    I would also suggest you consider Becasse, they did me a superb special occasion meal with some inspired wine matches.

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      Thanks for the advice (You too, PhilD). Was your special occasion meal at Becasse the standard degustation menu or was it something else?

    2. It is a good few years since I ate in all of them, but all are still considered really great restaurants. Mr G's idea of Because is also a good one. I would be happy to eat a paired degustation meal in any of them and would find it a hard choice if offered a free choice.

      How would I split them? Marque is the least glamourous space, it is warm and intimate but to me not a big night out. Becasse, has the wow factor and is pretty slick with a bit of glam. Tet's is in a wonderful Japanese villa with lots of space, clean lines, custom made ceramics and Zen gardens, whilst Quay has the drop dead gorgeus view of the harbour.