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Dec 26, 2009 02:00 PM

iso reco's St Denis/Sherbrooke

I am looking for mid-priced recommendations around St. Denis and Sherbrooke where i am staying for a few days. My two teenaged kids can accept most anything by now.

The weather is lousy so short walking distance is ideal

Right now its looking like Crepes at Le Triskelle...

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  1. If you like Ethiopian, check out Le Nil Bleu, it's a 5-minute walk from where you are, delicious and cozy. Call first to check holiday schedule.

    3706 St-Denis, between Cherrier and Des Pins

    1. You're also not far from Cafe Cherrier. It's pretty good, if uninspired, French bistro food at decent prices. They also have a nice bar.
      Corner Cherrier and St. Denis

      1. for easy going Moroccan, you can try Menthe et Couscous right in front of the movie theatre (Quartier Latin), 514 842.3717, and next to Camelia Sinensis (great for a warming cup of tea in this weather).

        I also quite like Tapas Confusion du Monde at 1635 St-Denis, 514.288.2225, where you can choose a few plates and share. Further north and real close to your hotel, corner Sherbrooke, Macao is a nice BYOW,, 514 223 6411
        You're also not too far from Pintxo, a spanish tapas place, 256 Roy East.,