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Dec 26, 2009 01:23 PM

chinatown brasserie?

Is Chinatown Brasserie any good? The reviews seem to be so mixed! If it is not, any recommendations for a family of 4 for Chinese lunch on Monday???

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  1. Yes it is, if you're amenable to a little more imaginative, delicate, but still authentic Chinese food like you see in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto and Hong Kong. In addition it is quite pricey. Bottom line, it's very good, but it's not for everybody.

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      I agree with Chandavkl. I am one of the folks here who recommend it. I was just there for dinner on 12/25 and it was still good, although not cheap. Two points I would like to make here are: 1) it does not charge "Chinatown" price so be prepare to pay between $35 to $50+ per person (including tip), depending on how much and what you order, 2) if you are looking for dim sum served on a cart, then this place will disappoint you because their dimsum is made-to-order, which is better and fresher in my opinion and which is the more "updated" way of serving dim sum these days in Asia..

      On weekdays, they do have "Dim Sum Lunch Special" where you can order a soup (or noodle, or salad) plus a few selections of dim sum for under $20. So it will be cheaper, but if you start adding other items, the price will go up. Personally, I would actually prefer quality over quantity so it's not a problem for me but if you are one of the folks who think "Chinese food should be cheap" or "dimsum must be served on carts" then you may want to re-consider. In addition to dim sum, they also offer rice and noodle dishes as well as stir-fries during lunch so there is quite a lot to choose from. I like their mini custard bao dessert too... They are so cute and tasty when they come right out of the oven!

      P.S. if you don't think you will like Chinatown Brasserie, you can also check out Oriental Garden on Elizabeth Street and Peking Duck House on Mott Street (also location in Midtown on East 53rd street). You can also go to Cantoon Garden on Elizabeth Street for a more authentic experience but if you don't speak Chinese, it maybe a little harder to communicate with the waitstaff. Another potential option is Amazing 66 on Mott Street... it seems to be popular with folks on the board, although my last visit was just OK (not bad but it didn't totally impress me either.)

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        I went this summer with a friend of mine and we both loved it. The food was very good. We ordered many dishes and everything was excellent or above average. The beef a l'orange was excellent. Don't forget to order a frozen mai tai!!!! They are incredible and if you go at happy hour, it only costs 5$:-)