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Dec 26, 2009 12:49 PM

Le Bernadin menu question

Planning dinner at Le Bernadin - one in our party asked me about their Kobe beef as she prefers meat to fish. We realize the focus here is seafood, but does Hound have any experience with their Kobe beef? Please advise. Thanks.

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  1. Kobe beef is featured prominently in their "Surf and Turf" main course (escolar and seared Kobe beef with sea bean salad, eggplant fries, and pesto and anchovy sauce) and it is exceptional. There is also a separate Kobe beef dish that excludes any seafood, but it carries an enormous $125 supplement charge. I've never ordered it, but I've heard it's the best steak in NYC. I guess that's what you pay if you want 8 ounces of the highest grade A5 Kobe.

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      The portions at Le B are miniscule. What most places serve as an amuse bouche is an appetizer here. It is all very good, just don't be too hungry.