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Dec 26, 2009 11:38 AM

Coriander Root - Anyone know where to find it?

A Thai recipe calls for it. Tried a 99 Ranch, and another customer told me that no one carries it anymore because of salmonella fears. Does this sound right to anyone? I certainly couldn't find it.

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  1. its also known as cilantro root some stores sell it still attached to the plant.try asian market

    1. My Thai cooking classes called for it and I easily found it decades ago. Not now, and not for a long, long time. I don't know why, but I have not found any market, Asian or otherwise, which carries it.

      As far as I am concerned, the flavor of dishes using it suffers.

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        you might try checking the frozen vegetable section of Asian/Thai markets, as years ago I was able to find it frozen in small (won-ton skin sized) bags...fresh- probably easier to grow your own, ... use the base of thick stems, not quite the same, but better than not at all...may the force be with you.

      2. Occasionally the roots are still attached when you buy cilantro in the super market - they will be sandy and you will need to rinse them several times... if you can't find it w/ the roots still attached, try using the stems, they aren't too fibrous and have a slightly more intense flavor than the leaves.

        1. I usually buy it at the Bangluck Market in North Hollywood. It is in a plastic bag and is fresh-frozen cilantro (coriander) root that is imported from Thailand. Probably available at any of the Thai markets, LAX-C in downtown L.A. or Bangkok Market on Melrose Ave. Find the produce person and ask!

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            Thanks, Sel. Very good to know.

          2. I have bought parsley root from Sweredoski Farms (out of Bell Gardens), at the Irvine certified farmers' market. I bet if you asked and ordered in advance they'd save some cilantro root for you.