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Dec 26, 2009 11:18 AM

Santa Fe New Year ?

New Orleans hound has a ? for those with Santa Fe insight. We're looking for recomendation's
for New Years Eve and New Year's Day. We're going to the concert @ the Lensic
for NYE - which will probably run till 8:30 or 9 PM. We'd love to go someplace in the
Plaza area for a light dinner after that (4 top) that does NOT do an over-the-top streamers &
lots of commotion for New Year's. Someplace we can walk from the theatre. Any ideas?

Also something like the Frontier in Albq. for late breakfast/early lunch dining in Santa Fe that would be open New Years Day? We'd prefer something in the main Plaza area but driving is fine. Full bar would be a plus, too, Thanks!

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  1. For great food, casual surroundings and it should be just what you want ,try Il Vicino for pizza, micro brew beer, salads, and some nice meals. It is a short walk from Lensic. It is our favorite micro brew and pizza.

    321 West San Francisco Street
    (505) 986-8700

    If you want a bit more upscale, last year we had dinner at Andiamo! and it was excellent. No streamers or over the top fuss. Prices were quite good too.

    After dinner we went to Hotel Santa Fe for drink and to listen to the flute music of Ronald Roybal. They were serving dinner and it looked very nice.

    Here's some more ideas, though a bit more fussy:

    322 Garfield Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501

    Il Vicino
    321 W San Francisco St, Santa Fe, NM 87501

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    1. re: DebitNM

      Debit - While Andiamo! and Hotel Santa Fe are walking distance, they are a "distance" from the Lensic.

      1. re: desert rat

        I think OP probably has left the building. Post was made 2 years ago. They could have walked from Lensic to Andiamo! by now.

        1. re: DebitNM

          Oh duh!! I'll need to pay attention better! Too much good food and wine this week!

    2. Follow the link to THE SLEEPING DOG TAVERN -


      Across the street from the Lensic Threatre and a block east heading towards the Plaza.

      Upscale pub food, full bar and excellent wine list (place is one owned by Gerald Peters). Menu usually has things like short ribs and excellent burgers.

      The Plaza Cafe (on the Plaza) is Santa Fe's equivalent of ABQ's Frontier though imo better. Ordinarily it is open seven days; I'd think New Year's Day will be the same. Santa Fe IS crowded now so a wait for a table could be possible.

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      1. re: fyfas

        Hello, the Plaza Cafe on the Plaza is closed until April, I believe. It may have reopened already, but I don't think so. I don't think most people would consider The Plaza Cafe the equivalent of Albuqerque's Frontier Restaurant. Totally different in terms of atmosphere and service and food.

        Here is the website for the Plaza Cafe on the Santa Fe's plaza:

        1. re: desert rat

          Desert Rat, note my post re the Plaza Cafe was written in December of 2009; before the fire that caused them to close. (Your note is from 2011.)

          Plaza remains closed. Work is being done and the owners swear they will be open sometime in the spring, insurance carriers willing.

      2. Within walking distance from the Lensic is The Shed, La Casa Sena, the Ore House, the Old house at the Hilton, Inn at Lorreto, Anasazii among others that escape my brain right now.

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        1. re: LikestoEatout

          Old house is in the El Dorado, I woud include restaurant martin, La boca (my fave) and the New Palace (hearing great things)...

          1. re: almaluna

            I'm not hearing great things about the New Palace. I hear it is overpriced, noisy and the food is average. Restaurant Martin is a bit of a hike from downtown. Not far...but not "close" to the Lensic.

        2. I do not know whether any of the following will be open on New Year's Day. You will have to call them.

          Plaza Cafe Southside (related to the Plaza Cafe on the Plaza). Great chile! (Full bar)

          Tomasita's (rarely open on holidays) - Railyard - can walk from downtown.

          Tecolote - Classic for brunch. Requires a drive from downtown (no bar)

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          1. re: desert rat

            Walking to Railyard is no further than walking to Hotel Santa Fe or Andiamo or Restaurant Martin. But again, moot point for OP