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Last Meal in Los Angeles

Hello All,
I'm leaving L.A. after 6 years for a job. I'm moving to DC. I'm going to have my final dinner out with friends this Wednesday. I'm having a very difficult time determining where to go. Hip v. Classic. Really good food v. quintessential L.A. If you were moving away, where would you have your last meal?


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  1. I'd go have mexican food somewhere!

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      If you want REAL mexcan food not something drizzled with a "sweet California sauce" go to TEXAS !!!!

    2. Martini at Musso and then steak at The Palm or Mastro's! Maybe Chinese in San Gabriel some where, Chung King for some heat. Mexican at Babita also in San Gabriel. Enjoy what ever you get. Via con Dios!

      1. Langers. (and yes I know they close at 4pm)

        1. i would select chinese food in the sgv or mexican food, because

          you can get terrific french, italien, and steaks in DC as well as in virtually every large eastern city.

          1. Definitely Mexican food, when I left California for a couple years, I could not find any Mexican food that was even close. I would go to El Tepeyac for a traditional California/Mexican send off.

            1. Howdy Flood,

              I'm only a visitor to Los Angeles but I've been dropping in now and then since the late '70's.

              A decent goodbye would start with champagne and munchies at M. Marcel's place at the Farmers' Market. Lots of good stuff there. Next, I would drive the coast highway (stopping where appropriate) to Mailbu Canyon Road and plot a course to Saddle Peak Lodge.

              Dinner at Saddle Peak should be up to the chef, wine selections up to the waitress. It's hard to go wrong in front of a roaring fire.

              1. This is such a personal decision and will ultimately turn on what you like to eat. But really why sweat it. Just have a nice meal at one of your favorite restaurants with friends because it's not like you're going to jail, right? You're just a plane ride away from coming back to LA to partake all that is good on LA.

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                    Right, this is probably not the time to try something new. Better to leave with the taste of an old reliable in your mouth.

                  2. Mexican seafood if your into it- you will NOT find the real thing anywhere in the USA IMHO
                    I would add Zankou chicken but their is an excellent Lebanese restaurant in D.C. that has all the garlicky Zankou you will need. Its apparently a trad sauce in their culture. It's close to the Hyatt, I think, but its been years

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                      "Mexican seafood if your into it- you will NOT find the real thing anywhere in the USA IMHO"

                      You would be wrong. You can find it right here on the west side of Los Angeles at Mariscos Chente on S Centinela Ave. in Mar Vista.

                      Mariscos Chente
                      4532 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

                    2. If you didn't want to do something classic (Palm, Phillippe's etc) I might suggest Animal. It has an over the top decadence that serves well the concept of 'the last meal.'

                      1. Nothing is more quintissential Los Angeles than Spago. That being said, I would go for your favorite Mexican taco stand, get some mexican beers, and eat at a spot on the beach, it's not just food you're leaving.

                        Also, I have to say that Burger Boy's post now has me jonesing for a Musso & Frank martini.

                        1. I think he's already left the building......but thanks!

                          1. Definately Dan Tana's

                            Dan Tana's Restaurant
                            9071 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069

                            1. Geoffrey's Malibu
                              Casa del Mar Santa Monica
                              Polo Lounge @ Beverly Hils Hotel

                              Geoffrey's Malibu
                              27400 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265