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Dec 26, 2009 09:12 AM

Recommendations for Indian restaurants?

I am looking for recommendations for good Indian restaurants in the greater Parsippany area. I have been to Cloves in Mount Olive (not bad) and to Mehndi in Morristown (good but overpriced). I was considering Chand Palace if anyone has opinions on that.

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  1. I'm a fan of Saffron in E. Hanover (on Rt 10 E)...their dinner menu is a little on the pricy side, but their lunch buffet (7 days a week, iirc) is awesome in terms of selection and quality, and it' 8.99 or 9.99 pp!

    I've also read good things about Cinnamon, but haven't been there.

    1. Caffe India is good. We get takeout from there a lot. Definitely not as trendy or pricey as Mehndi The food is still very good.

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        I second Caffe India. Consistently good. I also like Baadshah (sp?) in the Morris Hills shopping center in P'sip.

      2. My favorite in that area is Mysore Woodlands, on the west bound side of Rt. 45, between New Rd. and the Rt. 80 overpass. Good south indian vegetarian. Also nearby is Spice Grill, on the eastbound side closer to New Rd., which has meat dishes as well, and is quite good. About 2 miles further west on the eastbound side there is a decent North Indian/Pak place called Baadshah in the plaza with the Marshalls.

        1. I too very much like Mysore Woodlands. The food is southern indian home-cooking. Very clean and pure with all the herbs and spices in the dishes undoubtedly prepared fresh daily. I like other Indians, but there is something about Woodlands' bursting flavors and the simplicity of the food that to me makes the food unique. I especially enjoy the lunch buffets where you get both the buffet and dosas, and the Tuesday night chat and dosa buffet. My favorite thing to order is the rava masala dosa. The owners are lovely, the view out the big windows of the pine trees, and the music is all very tranquil. It is not an upscale restaurant, but I prefer it to all the others. I should add that the food is vegetarian; however, I never feel like I am missing anything. Give it a try.

          1. Oh, I should mention that I like Chand Palace also. However, it depends on what you prefer. To me, Chand is quite good, more elaborate, and gives a wider range of dishes but Woodlands tastes as if the food is homemade daily by your Indian grandfather. Therefore, I have taken to going to Woodlands whenever I am in the Parsippany area. However, you can try both and compare them.