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Dec 26, 2009 08:09 AM

Numero 28 on Second Ave?

Has anyone tried this new pizza place? It opened a week or two ago, another Neapolitan pizza joint. It's a branch of a place on Carmine in the West Village.

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  1. The last two times I walked by there it was closed. What hours is it opened?

    1. Yes - my wife and I have been there several times. We love the margherita ,thin crusted..they installed a new, improved oven last week that makes the crust hotter and crisper. The brushetta is excellent too. The pies come in 3 sizes. I think that if you ask, they will make a pie half and half ingredients. I think that one night a week, they have a reasonable all you can eat pizza special (the catch is you have to finsisg 1 pie before ordering another. The pear sald is good too.