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Dec 26, 2009 07:53 AM

Albanian restaurant returns to Roslindale -Arbri kafe

They opened two weeks ago and have not tried it yet, but it is in the same space (Belgrade Ave) as the previous Albanian restaurant. Menu looks similar. They open at 4:00. Wonder if anyone has tried it yet. The owner was very friendly and said that they have gyro sandwiches even though I did not see them on the menu.

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    1. I noticed they were open and stopped for a menu. They told me the chef from the former Albanian incarnation is an owner. My Albanian GF's mother says the menu dosen't have that may Albanian dishes.

      1. Has anyone been to Arbri since the last post? I'm going tomorrow night and would love some Chowhound feedback!

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          Did you see the Globe review? Sounds promising...please report!

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            I did, thanks! Will report back!

        2. Went to Arbri on Saturday. Interior feels like Legoland. The meze's were delicious (roasted peppers with feta, shrimp with feta); however, I had to send the trout back because it was inedible (spoiled, preparation seemed fine). Ordered chicken kebabs instead which were bland and unmemorable. Much better at Greek Corner. DC had the lamb kebab and loved it. Place was filled with Albanians from Roslindale and beyond. I'd go back and try more of their mezes (quite generously portioned for appetizers) and their salads looked delicious.