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Dec 26, 2009 07:38 AM

Latin restaurants in Durham, NC

Can anyone recommend any small ethnic restaurants serving Latin American food on Guess Rd., or Roxboro Rd? There are quite a few restaurants in that vicinity which have opened over the last few years.

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  1. Mama Nori's Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken just off Roxboro on Davidson, Los Comales Taqueria, Super Taqueria and La Superior Taqueria all on Roxboro Rd just a little north of 85.

    1. Los Comales has gotten some compliments on their tacos. The place is usually crowded. I tried them and thought they were similar to all the other places.

      Mama Nori's is on the access road to the Compare foods shopping center that goes up beside the Autozone. It's a sit down restaurant and the food is good. They sometimes have limited availability specials on the weekend.

      Super Taqueria has gotten good reviews. They have an extensive salsa bar and also sell the traditional fruit drinks. Last time I was in there, the people working didn't speak any English and ordering was a challenge.

      El Custcatleco on Roxboro in the Kroger shopping center serves Salvadoran food. It's the second location for the restaurant. I think the food at the Garret Road location was less Americanized.

      On the corner of Club and Roxboro there's a taco stand, Tacqueria La Poblana with minimal inside seating. The food is good overall. There is usually a teenager there who speaks English. The best thing there is the tamales but they only make them on Saturday and only if you've requested them in advance. i.e. stop in and order them Friday and they'll have them for you on Saturday.

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        Los Comales has really good pastor. My favorite thing from them are the pupusas, though.

      2. See for reviews of just about all of them.

        The torta de carne asada at Orellana is worth the drive.