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Dec 26, 2009 07:02 AM

Can I afford to eat in Park Slope / Prospect Heights?

I'm moving from Manhattan to Flatbush Ave -- right on the PS/PH line. I've been searching and searching for good restaurants I can walk to, but everything I see recommended is in the $15 - $25 / entree range. Where are the good places at $10 - $15 a plate? (If I can't walk there, delivery is fine, too!)

Is eating in Brooklyn really this much more expensive than eating in Manhattan?

Please help!

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  1. Eating in Brooklyn's best restaurants (i.e., Al Di La, Dressler, Saul) is usually a much better value than a comparable quality restaurant in Manhattan, either the check is lighter or you can order more courses. But in Brooklyn there are definitely options in all price categories, you just need to scratch the surface. I know Park Slope better than PH. I would say Cousin Johns for brunch (under $10 per plate), Bonnie's Grill or Sheep Station for burgers, Bark for hot dogs, delivery from Song (Thai) and pizza from Villa Rustica ($13 pies). If you're amenable, I'd also recommend keeping costs down by noshing up the neighborhood's fine sandwich establishments from City Sub on Bergen Street to Beircraft down on Fifth.

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      Thanks for the advice, Mandy -- I'll be checking those out this week.

    2. Amorina on Vanderbilt is great and will meet your budget, plus takeout beef patties and chicken from Christies, and there is always the hispanic place just above 7th ave on the PH side, forget the real name but fondly referred to as Carneviento, for greasy but tasty chicken and rice etc

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        Castillo de Jagua, you mean? Good, cheap, big portions.

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          Plenty of spots to eat at on a budget, many of which named above. Amorina also does a takeout order of 2-slices and a Boylans for $5, best deal in the neighborhood. Little Miss Muffin has the best BBQ chicken patties at only $2.50 each. Tom's, Miriam and Sheep Station range from $8-15 for brunch and offer plenty of food. For the best burgers hit up Dram Shop, or go to Alchemy for lunch and get a free 1/2 pint of beer. Second Bark for hot dogs, and in terms of ssandwiches head to Bierkraft for some monster ones.

      2. Yes, you totally can eat well and cheap(er) than in manhattan. you just have to know where to go. there are great ideas already floating around here (amorina, bonnies, city sub, song) but here's a few of my faves: 1) mee thai (esp. their calamari salad) 2)beet thai (crispy duck w/ pancakes/brandy ginger beef, lots of others) 3) Kombit (griot and that damn rice... whoa, so good) 4) Pepper Mill Deli on 7th ave @ 11th st - Mexican Sandwiches 5) los pollitos - best deal: whole chicken w/ side of rice, beans and tostones w/ garlic sauce... you'll eat 4 meals w/ this 6) grandma pie from albanese pizza (thin crust...buttery, awesome sauce). 7) the chuletas at bogota - used to be $12 now $15, but still tasty and filling - ask for extra sauce. 8) el viejo yayo (lots) 9) Elora's(lots here, but the guisada, pernil and tacos al carbon are fab and cheap).

        there are gems, but it does take trying and finding places that fit you. also, sometimes we frequent a place for one dish only that we love that's under $15. we are all about value and deliciousness when we eat. as great as stone park, al di la and applewood is, they are for special occasions in my world. look around and you will find what you're looking for - promise!

        good luck and happy eating.

        amy and jonny

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          Park Slope has awesome food. just wandering around 5th or 7th ave you'll find something good to eat. Corner Burger on 5th ave at 6th St. is one of my fav places ever. the veggie burger is awesome. also love Ginza Sushi, Albanese, 5th Ave Dinner for Breakfast (open 24 hours!) AND surprisingly the bar menu at 200 Fifth is great- the mussels are my fav.

        2. La Taqueria can provide you with a filling meal for around $10.--Seventh Ave. between Berkeley and Lincoln.
          'Snice has many affordable selections (vegetarian/vegan).--Fifth Ave. @ Third St.

          1. i just moved in in the area and have found some great options (obvs a few months late):
            - kaz an nou. this wonderful, very reasonable french-caribbean restau is INREDIBLY GOOD, on dean st.
            - castillo del jagua. ultra cheap wonderful dominican food. my man and i get 4 meals out of a $7.50 arroz y pollo

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              we just visited kaz an nou for the first time (
              definitely a great addition to the neighborhood AND it will appeal to the OP and anyone seeking a quality, filling meal for a reasonable price. 1 app+1 main per person and share a dessert (spiced chocolate cake...) for less than $50 a couple. Plus, BYO.